If you thought diamonds were just for engagements, weddings and anniversaries, then let us expand your horizons. Fashionable diamond jewelry is a great accessory choice because they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, cuts and colors. There are many questions that may pop up in your mind when you are thinking of buying a diamond jewelry. Here we are offering a complete diamond guide that covers everything.

Why Should I Buy Diamond Jewelry?

Many people associate diamonds with marriage and church bells, so it can be hard to break free of the idea that they are only meant for romantic symbolism. Just like everything else, times have changed, so there is no reason to leave out this gorgeous gemstone when you’re accessorizing.

The new year has left us with a lot to think about when it comes to new styles and trends. We’ve got you covered! Instead of feeling overwhelmed, go back to the basics by rocking diamonds. This stunning stone has always been a girl’s best friend. And just like any best friend, diamonds won’t let you down!

What are Different Types of Diamonds?


If you love the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond, but the lack of pigment is just not doing it for you, then maybe it’s time to consider the growing trend of colored diamonds. In the past you would only see these unique gemstones on celebs or wealthy stars, but times are changing. These vibrant stones are rapidly gaining popularity among today’s jewelry lovers. While deep blue, rich red and splendid green are the rare and more expensive colors, the beautiful yellows and elegant browns are affordable and seen more often.



One to look out for this season is the champagne diamond. This stone meshes perfectly with your spring wardrobe. It also complements Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015, Marsala. Pair it with neutral colors such as brown and tan, and it will really stand out.

What Type of Diamond Jewelry Should I Wear?

In the past, diamonds were usually solitaires in a setting or used to accent other gemstones. Now designers enhance the beauty of larger diamonds with multiple mounting choices and a variety of metals. Stylists find unique and interesting ways to incorporate diamonds into their designs.
Many people are afraid that another diamond ring will compete with their engagement ring. To prevent this, wear a completely different style or get a colored diamond like mentioned earlier. Also remember that you have two hands! Go ahead and sport your new diamond ring on the right instead of the left.
To get more information on the setting and cut of diamonds check out our Education Center. It even explains the four C’s of diamonds!

How Can I Wear Diamond Jewelry?

Something Borrowed
No, we aren’t talking about wedding accessories. We are talking about designs! Vintage-style jewelry is coming back and looking better than ever. Diamonds in an Art Deco style will stand out from other jewelry because of its edge. The linear and symmetrical style complements more modern designs.
If you don’t like fixed lines and symmetrical designs, then go with an heirloom-style look. Diamonds in a vintage brooch or a delicate bracelet look great and provide a change of pace in your wardrobe.
The Classics Never Get Old
Even with all these brilliant styles and colors of diamonds, going back to the basics is never a bad idea. 
The classics like stud diamond earrings go with any outfit and any season. Plus, earrings give you an instant face-lift. A classic diamond tennis bracelet is also very elegant and versatile. It’s all about your own personality!
When you’re flipping through magazines or scrolling through blogs, it’s easy to see that fashion adores diamonds. Putting together a high-end look with diamond jewelry is a great way for any woman to feel like she’s strutting the runway, even if she’s simply running errands or walking the hallways at work.