Enchanting us with its captivating depth of color, aquamarine is the greenish blue to blue-green variety of beryl. Named for its oceanic hues, aquamarine is also the March birthstone! This stone is also a Pisces birthstone. Some say that wearing your birthstone brings luck, such as wearing aquamarine rings.

Light blue gold ring.

Historically, you may not see many references to aquamarine. Why is that? When describing this gem, many ancient writers did not use the name. Instead, it was often called blue-green beryl or sea-green beryl. The word aquamarine didn’t enter popular use until the early seventeenth century.


Despite this, aquamarine has a long history of association with the sea. A fragment of an early Greek lapidary manual describes several stones that help sailors and fishers. Among them, we find a description of sea-green beryl, or aquamarine. Worn as a talisman, such as pendants or aquamarine rings, the writings say the gem banishes fear.

Blue gemstone eternity band.

Today, some modern gem therapists say that wearing aquamarine helps with seasickness. We don’t recommend trying this, however!

Notably, aquamarine is also sometimes seen as a lover’s stone. In an old German book of lore, it is said that aquamarine has the power to rekindle feelings of romance between married people. There is an irony to appreciate, as a certain princess wore a certain emerald cut aquamarine ring. Popular rumor suggests it was to replace her even more famous sapphire ring.


Early texts suggest that blue-green beryl makes one more open and amicable. Those authors recommend wearing it during tense negotiations, like litigation.

Blue ring with double halo.

Another text, the Book of Wings from the thirteenth century, suggests wearing aquamarine rings engraved with the image of frogs. Supposedly, this would help enemies reconcile their differences and become friends.

Today, gem healers consider aquamarine to be a stone of truth. Part of this may be a connection to older stories, saying that an aquamarine worn becomes lighter when lies are spoken. They believe that the stone helps one articulate speech and improve communication. And that certainly can be helpful in friendships!


When shopping for aquamarine rings, does the stone origin matter? In fact, it can. Now, you can get a stone of any quality from any location, but many regions develop reputations for producing gems of particular quality.

Shop LC offers two popular varieties of these saltwater jewels.

Espirito Santo Aquamarine is known for its gentle and icy tone. These gems often feature a soft coloring which typically deepens in larger gems. Often found in smaller sizes, these gemstones are often used in delicate jewelry options.

Santa Maria Aquamarine can be seen as the opposite. For decades, it is seen as the premier aquamarine stone. Known for its deeply saturated blue, demand for the stone means diminished supply.


Three stone gold aquamarine ring.

This gold aquamarine ring showcases a stunning three stone setting. In jewelry, three stones represent the past, present and future. When using aquamarine, it takes on extra meaning. Early Christian writings state that wearing blue beryl helps one stay balanced in their emotions. And this can certainly be helpful as a reminder to live a grounded life!


Sterling silver ring with light blue gem.

Finding a vintage aquamarine ring can be tough, so what’s the next best thing? There is a huge revival of vintage-inspired designs, as seen in this vintage-style aquamarine ring. A classic scalloped border frames the cushion cut stone. The design carries over to the split shank of the ring, creating subtle visual interest.


White gold aquamarine ring.

We love this white gold aquamarine ring for its elegant simplicity. With a halo of baguette shaped diamonds, these kinds of rings are also known as ballerina rings. Not surprisingly, halo rings are one of the most popular options for engagement rings. With the flash of diamonds highlighting the icy hues of aquamarine, it really is a rising star among colored gemstone engagement jewelry.


Minimalist ring with blue gemstones.

Simple designs that are light on styling exemplify minimalist jewelry. The trend continues going strong because it’s so easy to style! This gold aquamarine ring is our pick for incorporating a bit more bling into your collection. It’s a great foundation piece. A simple floral motif of aquamarine injects soft spring color into the piece, and diamond accents help it sparkle when stacked with your other rings.


Silver blue gem men's ring.

No list is complete without a handsome men’s aquamarine ring. Men’s wardrobes often rely on the stability of neutrals like gray, tan, and navy. Which is why injecting a pop of color with a colorful gemstone like aquamarine is an excellent choice. Bold, prominent rings like the one pictured are an excellent way to make a statement when dressing for work or even a casual event.

Want more? Discover an entire range of beautiful aquamarine rings from Shop LC.

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