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Aquarius, the water bearer, is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. This astrology sign is for those born between January 21 and February 20. Despite its nickname, Aquarius is a wind sign traditionally ruled by Saturn, but is now seen as under the influence of Uranus. For proud Aquarians, what is the best Aquarius jewelry to wear?



There are several tales of how the zodiac sign originated. Here is one of the most popular.

The water bearer Aquarius is Ganymede, a young man known for his beautiful appearance. The son of a king, Ganymede was seen by Zeus while the boy was tending to his father’s flocks on Mount Ida.

Smitten with his beauty, Zeus is said to have transformed into a large bird, carrying Ganymede to the home of the gods. Ever after, Ganymede would serve as cupbearer to the Greek gods.

Therefore, we now use the overflowing ewer as symbol of Aquarius. A ewer is a type of pitcher, used for pouring water, wine, or other spirits.

Other versions of the myth change details, such as the eagle Aquila carrying the boy, or even his identity! A Babylonian legend tell us that Aquarius is their god, Ea, the god of water, and it is his pitcher we see in the heavens. The Egyptians tied the constellation to the annual flooding of the Nile. Can’t deny that!

Bracelet displaying the water rune.

Another symbol popular with Aquarians is the actual Aquarius constellation. Viewable in the winter sky in the Northern Hemisphere, the constellation is made of many stars. Also, several meteor showers are known to occur within Aquarius.

Lastly, in antiquity, the old astronomical symbol  was used to represent Aquarius. It is a rune symbolizing water.

In modern times, each Aquarius symbol is frequently found within Aquarius jewelry.


There are many gems for Aquarians, but the most popular birthstone for Aquarius is the garnet. Aquarius birthstone jewelry might feature this red jewel, or associated gems like amethyst.


From our Zodiac and Celestial Collection comes this Aquarian constellation ring. The four stars depicted represent the water which flows from the water bearer’s pitcher in the constellation itself. A brilliant yellow gold vermeil provides a lustrous finish, and this dainty ring is perfect for minimalist collectors. Zircon accents provides a twinkling sparkle, capturing the stars above.


The widely recognized symbol of Aquarians everywhere, the ewer is the pitcher from which flows the godlike refreshment, for it is Ganymede who is their cup bearer. This gold-clad steel pendant has a finish of gold ion plating, providing years of enjoyment. A single amethyst gem provides a colorful accent. The amethyst is a famed stone of sobriety and helps remind the Aquarian to keep a clear mind when engaged in debate.


From the Karis Collection comes this simple hewn pendant. Featuring a fuller image of the star-spangled constellation, champagne zircon captures the points of light from our night sky. A textured stainless steel background is finished with ion plated gold, providing a bohemian styling option.


For those wanting something a bit more, well, charming, comes this Aquarius charm bracelet. The adjustable bangle closure allows it to fit most wrists. Along the minimalist bracelet are three charms, each featuring an Aquarius symbol. Two show the ancient water rune while the third depicts the cup bearer Ganymede. Crafted in stainless steel, ion gold plating finishes the look for a piece that’s wearable daily.


For a classy and subtle Aquarian look, consider these mother-of-pearl earrings. An organic material, mother-of-pearls comes from the same shells that produce cultured pearls. Carefully selected for its shimmering orient, artisans carve it into the traditional Aquarian symbol of the water rune. Adding sophisticated glamour, yellow gold vermeil hinge hoops provide secure wear.


Declare your Aquarian identity with this fashionable Aquarius name necklace. Flowing script spells out the word “Aquarius” and a delicate water rune charm provides whimsical embellishment. A single Austrian crystal adds a fun accent to this minimalistic necklace. A 20 inch chain makes it wearable for most, while a lobster claw clasp makes it easy to wear and remove.


One of the most popular items in the Zodiac and Celestial Collection is our range of zodiac rings. This Aquarian ring is cast in solid 10K gold, and spells out “Aquarius” in a soft chunky script. Avoid future disappointment and secure your own ring today. They go quick!

Aquarians are perceived to be intellectual and cerebral, flitting from one thing to another as the wind carries them, these Aquarius jewelry selections help provide some grounding in their identify. Whether you’re a water bearer, or you have one in your life, each piece makes an excellent gift for you or someone special. The Age of Aquarius is upon us!

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