Artisan Crafted: Unique accessories for a fresh summer.

Unique accessories for a fresh summer

Woman scooping sand and wearing colorful bracelets.

With spring in full swing and summer on its way, it’s exciting to diversify your closet from boring winter to something bright and fun for summer.

Although it doesn’t officially kickoff until late June, let’s all be honest with ourselves: summer started the moment the barbecue grill was busted out of the garage and the neighbors were invited over.

The easiest way to change your style is to expand your accessories instead of creating a whole new wardrobe. Now you can spend more time at that snow cone place you love so much instead (Ever tried the pickle flavored one?!).


What is artisan crafted jewelry?

Sometimes it’s hard to be trendy AND original at the same time because it seems like everything has been overplayed or done already.

Artisan-crafted jewelry is the epitome of one-of-a-kind accessories. Every piece is handmade and original so you don’t have to worry about Jane in the cubicle next door wearing the same necklace as you. Hash tag awkward!

Because they are made by a skilled artisan instead of a machine, every piece of jewelry has a story behind it. These pieces are great conversation starters and it’s always impressive to tell people that you have a one-of-a-kind accessory, so feel free to brag about your new summer look!


The story behind the craftsman

Artisan creating jewelry.

Artisan crafted jewelry is, you guessed it, made by artisans. They take arts and crafts to a whole other level. Just think of them as the kid in kindergarten that had the jumbo-sized crayon box set with built-in sharpener. They know what they’re doing. And they should because artisans have been around for centuries.

They started off thousands of years ago and they used materials like bones, animal skin and stones to make their creations. No worries, you don’t have to feel like a caveman in the Stone Age in order to get unique earrings to go with that new summer haircut.

Over time, these craftsmen have passed down their creative techniques to new generations of highly skilled artists. New artisans fuse refined metals and precious gemstones together to create modern-styled jewelry.

Below are some hot hand-made accessories and trends to add originality to any summer closet.


Make a statement this summer

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you are owning a new look or you are going overboard with a new fashion trend. Instead of adding multiple statement pieces to your jewelry box this season, add only one and accent it with different outfits. The boldest pieces come from artisans because everything they make is unique and original. An accessory that screams statement piece is this artisan-crafted multi gemstone necklace that brings attention to any outfit.


Bright as the sun

Hand displaying artisan crafted rings.

You don’t have to start tie-dying your favorite tops just to add color to your closet. Bright colors mean warm weather and this season is no different. Bright oranges and electrifying yellows will definitely add a pop of color. If that’s just a little too bold for your taste, don’t worry because colorful bracelets or rings can give the same affect and still highlight your personality without going overboard.  Many artisans like to use colorful stones because it makes the item even more unique than they already are.


Understated but not underdressed

You don’t always have to wear the bright statement piece in order to supplement a cute outfit this summer. Many times, an understated and simple set of earrings will do the trick. An artisan-crafted pair of sterling silver earrings can pep up an up do for work, and it is still versatile enough to wear to a formal affair.

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