Can you believe it’s almost August? It feels like summer just began! If the thought of summer ending sooner than you imagined saddens you, no worries! The LC is here to remind you of all the awesome things to look forward to in August. Continue reading to discover our August must-haves that no one should live without.

August Must Haves

1. J Francis Black and White Stripe Print Kimono

If you weren’t hooked by the kimono trend last fall and winter, then now’s your chance to sport this Bohemian staple for the summer! August is the perfect month to rock this trendy kimono because it can be used in the cooler months after summer is over!

2. Black and White Glass Wine Opener

There’s nothing better than unwinding with your favorite glass of wine after a long summer day. This black and white glass wine opener is one of our favorites because it not only opens your bottle in a cinch, but it also looks amazing when it’s not in use.

3. J Francis Leatherette Clutch

Nothing is more useful during the summer than a versatile bag. This particular purse by J Francis features chains on the front for a unique detail. You can wear it as a shoulder bag or go strapless and use it as a clutch. An added bonus is that it’s in Pantone’s fabulous color of the year, Marsala!

4. Nude Nail Polish

During August you’re trying to squeeze every last bit of summer into your life. With all of these busy plans, it can get difficult to keep your nails looking on point all the time. It seems like right after you get them done, something comes along and next thing you know, they’re chipped. That’s why we love Tom Ford’s nail polish in sugars dune. A creamy nude looks put-together, even with a few tiny chips.

5. Peridot Earrings

Peridot is a stunning gemstone and it happens to be the birthstone of August. Spruce up your office look with this pair of Hebei peridot earrings featuring platinum overlay.

6. Bead Headband

Ponytail or French braided, now you can tie your hair in any style you want with this wooden hair band in silvertone. Crafted with colorful wooden beads, this item is a must have hair accessory for those who want to look stylish while holding back there hair.


Which is your favorite August must-have?

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