When your friend announces she’s having a baby, the surprising news probably brings lots of hugs, belly rubs and maybe some “Happy Tears” all around. The excitement increases with every passing day, and the celebration of new motherhood starts with a baby shower. The task is to find an awesome gift that’s unique, thoughtful and useful for the new mommy (and baby, of course)! We’re here to help and make baby shower gift shopping as easy as buying for yourself.

Keep in mind these tips for an effortless shopping experience.

Keep It Sweet and Simple

It might feel tricky if you’ve decided to go the simple route. It can feel confusing with so many options. It’s not worth stressing yourself out over the gift you’re preparing to buy. The best way to tackle the situation is to find a gift that you can give to everyone, yet feels unique.

You’ll never go wrong with these great baby gift ideas. Celebrate a new life by choosing any one of these sweet and simple options.

Assortment of essential baby items.

Cute Baby Clothing Set

A classic choice! A set of new clothes is a timeless selection since everyone needs clothes. They come in attractive colors and cute prints, making baby’s first appearance an event to remember. You can rely on this option for every baby shower invitation. Just make sure your choice based on mom or dad’s favorite interests, colors, and styles.

Buddy Nightlight for Bedtime

This unique gift is going to be baby’s best friend at bedtime. There are many popular characters to choose from, or you can play it safe by going with a gender-neutral option. Nightlights are also great for parents tumbling in for yet another midnight feeding.

Soft Critter Towels

A must-have for any new-born, a plush towel makes an excellent gift choice. Not only do they impress mom, they add an adorable and fun vibe with friendly animal features. Make it a hooded towel and baby will be warm and dry after every bath time.

Useful Bath-time Set

Nothing can prepare the new parents for their baby’s first bathing than a bath-time set with all essentials they need. Besides shampoo to body wash, look with sets that also incorporate bay oil or lotion. Many still swear that a touch of lavender is perfect for helping their newborn sleep after a bath.

Give Something that Lasts

Babies, they grow so quickly! So giving something that’s only useful for a few months is not a wise choice. Instead, give something that will last for years.

To make things simple, consider these reliable gift choices.

Give a Book Set

One of the best shower gifts, books last for years. Choose story books, nursery rhyme books, and other staples of early childhood. They last for years and are a great way of learning. Giving your favorite childhood storybook is also a great way to give a personalized gift!

A Stuffed Toy

Assortment of stuffed animals.

I have to admit, I still have mine. One of the favorites in every kid’s collection, they are soft, cute and funny! A stuffed toy is a great little first friend for any child.

Baby First Aid Kit

I know when everyone is looking for something cute, a first aid kit sounds a little out of the line. But trust me, a baby’s first aid kit prepared with bandages, bacitracin, baby-sized cotton swab and a baby nail clipper (or scissors) brings a sigh of relief for new parents. It’s one of those things many overlook and a great way to give something memorable.

Unique Baby Photo Cards

The best part of parenting is watching your baby complete all those wonderful “FIRSTS.” A gift of baby photo cards is a perfect way to capture all those big milestones. And believe me, the mom-to-be will love to have these keepsakes.

Shop Low Cost

Baby shower gifts don’t always come cheap. And, when you’re at an age when your friends or children are starting their families, it can feel like all your money is going to gifts. My advice is to stretch every dollar as much as possible. So, choose gifts that are affordable to you and useful to mom and baby.

Take some inspiration from baby shower saviors.

Catch Clearance Sales

It’s good to be a bargain hunter. It saves you a lot! Nearly every store has a clearance section. Don’t forget to stalk clearances on seasonal items. You can find so many cute baby clothes that are on sale due to seasonal change.

Be a Coupon Commander

Many retailers offer special coupon offers to moms and dads that create gift registries in their stores. By signing up too, you can find great ways to save and help them with any essentials they might need. It’s a helpful way to buy a special gift you had in mind, or even add something that gets expensive, like disposable diapers or formula.

Don’t Forget Mom!

Believe it or not, the one person who’s often missed out at the baby shower is the mom-to-be. Don’t forget something special for her! Sometimes, a little gift is all she needs to feel pampered during one of the happiest times of her life.

Surprise her with one of these ideal gift ideas.

Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone chart.

What is better than a gift of jewelry? Birthstone jewelry with baby’s birthstone or her favorite style adds thoughtfulness and love to the present. It is a lovely gift to commemorate her new life as a mother and the new life she is bringing into the world.

Baby-Friendly Teething Jewelry

This is one of the most innovative gift ideas! Teething jewelry is stylish enough for mom, but safe for baby too. These are found in the forms of bead necklaces and bangles, made with baby-friendly materials.

In-Home Massage

Being a new mom is one of the most stressful times in many women’s lives. And in-home massage makes an ideal gift. It’s a great way to bring some relaxation, energy, and freshness to her day.

Now that you found the perfect gift, check out these tips for picking the perfect outfit!

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