School is increasingly stressful. Work is increasingly competitive. Anxiety and stress are at an all-time high, even being compared to an epidemic. Here are some of the most popular tips for succeeding in school.

Here are three of the biggest tips to help your future generation flourish in school:

Encourage hard-working ethics

My parents are always preaching about working hard and working smart. However, they always said that they preferred me to work hard, as wisdom will come after. This means that it is important to teach kids the importance of hard work, as nothing in life is free.

You cannot always expect your child to grasp complicated topics right away. Instead of rewarding them immediately understanding certain topics, instead, praise them for working hard at understanding the challenge ones. After all, growth begins where comfort ends.

A group of students studying around a circular table.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Students are suffering from an all-time high anxiety rate, which leads to a higher number of unhealthy behaviors. To ensure a student’s success, many parents like to enroll their children in as many after-school activities as possible to impress college admission officers and employers. While it is important to promote a well-rounded lifestyle, it is equally (if not more) important to promote a healthy lifestyle. We know the drill; a good diet, a good amount of exercise, and the right amount of sleep help both physical and mental health.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle also teaches children that health is ultimately everything. My family always preached that without health, there is no point in doing anything. Health is not restricted to just being able to do something or not, it’s also measured by how you are willing to grow and improve as a human being. Therefore, instead of just preaching the importance of straight A’s, also teach the importance of taking care of yourself first.

A child and his father preparing a healthy meal.

Utilizing Lucky Charms

Recent studies show that jewelry sometimes helps with anxiety, ADHD, and autism. Although these studies are limited in scope, many designers center their jewelry concepts around coping with their own anxiety and helping others. Popular features include beads or spinning components that help people subtly ground themselves when they feel lost. This is especially helpful in professional and public settings where you need a subtle trick can help you privately meditate. The jewelry is often made with high-grade precious metals or stainless steel to ensure easy care.

Another benefit to having jewelry for school is that some children believe in their lucky charms. In fact, recent studies suggest that the use of a tangible good luck charm helps boost confidence and self-esteem, leading to higher test grades overall. This is because every time they feel nervous and anxious, they have something to physically hold that reminds them of their strengths. However, keep in mind that not all jewelry is ideal as a “lucky charm” for every scenario. For example, if your child has pierced ears, discourage them from wearing dangling earrings as their lucky charm for safety reasons.

Closeup of a man fidgeting with his ring.

Disclaimer: Use of any stone or mineral is not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment, and nothing herein constitutes medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Information provided should not be used to treat any illness, injury, medical condition, or ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health professional.

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