Bali Legacy Collection is a beautiful representation of the deities worshiped by the Bali people. Taking form through articulated pieces of jewelry, each is unique and created with extreme precision. The jewelry is produced by traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation over many centuries. Many of the Balinese craftsmen are descendants of the artisans who crafted jewelry for the Royal Courts of Bali. Bali jewelry making techniques is a dying art as very few from the younger generation are joining this profession.

Bali Goddess


Balinese Hinduism is the form of monotheistic Hinduism practiced by most of the population of Bali. This is particularly associated with the Balinese people residing on the island and represents a distinct form of Hindu worship incorporating local animism, ancestor worship and admiration for Buddhist Saints. Bali Legacy Collection draws inspiration from the range of deities unique to their branch of the religion.

Montage of different Bali goddesses

  • Devi Danu – Goddess of the Lakes
  • Devi Ratih – Goddess of the Moon
  • Devi Sri – Goddess of Rice and Prosperity
  • Devi Laksmi and Sri Sedana- Goddess of Money
  • Devi Parvati- Lord Shiva’s Wife
  • Devi Durga- Goddess of Power
  • Devi Saraswati- Goddess of Wisdom
  • Devi Supraba – Angel from Arjuna Viva

These goddesses are important elements of Balinese folklore and legends. The designs also take inspiration from Balinese culture and ancient jewelry making techniques.


The beauty of this gorgeous collection lies in its technique. There are four major elements that play a crucial role in creating a finished jewelry piece.

Ox Bone Carving

Closeup of sculpting process

As it will be the highlight of the jewelry, it is very important that the face carved on the ox bone present the calmness, beauty, and poise that a goddess has. The first step is the sketching of princess features on ox bone. With the help of special tools and techniques, the artisan starts the carving. Each face carved has a different expression, portraying the carver’s thought such as his mood or weather of the day. A single face takes approximately thirty minutes to shape and an additional thirty minutes to sketch and carve.


The process is followed by designing jewelry. Using tradition and imagination, designers bring their ideas to life in hand-crafted Balinese jewelry. The process is extremely delicate and difficult. Bali designers at Shop LC create around eighty designs in a month and an average of ten are selected for production.


Post-production processes of creating jewelry

The next step is creating the silver base. Silver is into liquid for sheets, wires & other details. For making wires for added details, a silver bar about four inches long and two inches thick can be stretched to a 20-foot long wire, depending on the required length. This is followed by hammering and threading which are done by hand. The wires formed are of different sizes depending on the design.

The process also includes the creation of tiny spheres or beads of silver or gold called granulation. Any design in the Bali Princess Collection is incomplete without these granulated silver beads. Cut out spheres are rolled and placed one by one in the jewelry using berry glue before setting in the fire.


Creating the jewelry behind the scenes

The final step towards the final product is the linking of the parts created separately; ox bone, metal base, and other gemstones. For joining all these parts, a special ancient glue, “The Peeling Berry Glue,” is used. Spelled as ‘Piling’ in Bali, it is known as Abrus in English. It is a most toxic berry. This glue has been used for thousands of years in jewelry making. One berry is used at a time. The hard-outer layer of the berry is peeled and is mashed up into glue with silver shavings. To make it a single piece, the glued product is soldered by heat. The final addition is the gemstone setting. It must be done manually to avoid any damage to the carved bone or other gemstones.

What makes this collection special?

As the complete process is done manually, mass production of the Bali Legacy Collection is impossible, making them unique in every way. The workmanship of Bali jewelry is known worldwide. These designs can be produced only by a small percentage of silver-smiths, who are highly skilled. So, every piece from this gorgeous collection is a collector’s item.

Shop LC takes enormous pride to introduce the fabulous jewelry art of Bali. We have made long-term relationships with several groups of artisans who work exclusively with us. This ensures that they have enough work throughout the year and that the Balinese jewelry making art is kept alive.

What inspires you most about Bali Legacy Collection?