“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” – George Eliot

A hypnotizing specimen that captures light and life, amber brings this thought to life. This gem is one of the oldest treasured offered by Mother Nature. Amber is fossilized tree resin that is millions of years old and flaunts a breathtaking warm hue. It is characterized as an organic gem for this reason. When burned in a fire amber releases a pleasant scent and aromatic smoke. This gem is thought to be useful for many magical and medicinal properties.

The oldest number is around 320 millions years old. Whether carved or simply polished, the gem has been used for jewelry adornment and other decorations since the Neolithic ages. This organic gem is associated with the wisdom of our ancestors.

When it comes to jewelry, amber favors organic shapes, benefiting its nature. Either tumbled from its rough and then wire-wrapped or shaped into gentle cabochons. Alternatively, amber can be shaped and polished into beads. This delightful gem is extremely light, making it a good choice for very large and extravagant pieces. Amber jewelry, therefore, can be very simple and rustic or sophisticated and sexy.

Exploring Amber

Amber is popular for its yellow to gold colors. The amber color is associated with the color energies of gold, a color that relates itself to the sun and royalty and symbolizes success, happiness, and power.

Amber is said to be available in around 300 different hues. Some of the popular ones other than the yellow-orange shade are white, green and brown. Green amber is formed from pine tree resin and the green coloring is produced by organic material from flora like wood fragments flowers and leaves trapped within the gem. Oxidation can make amber darken over time.

The level of succinic acid found in amber determines its quality and Baltic amber holds the highest levels of succinic acid. It stimulates the immune system and metabolism to aid the body in healing itself. This lovely gem is also said to protect its wearer against negative energies and reinforce a current of positive and uplifting vibes. It alleviates depression and brings good luck to its wearer.

Things to Know when Buying Amber Jewelry

Although amber is known for its inclusions, not everyone will find an insect. Those are rare and costly. An absence of any visible organism does not conclude that the amber is fake. Most think of amber as translucent, but it can be cloudy or even opaque.

How do you differentiate between real and fake amber? The real one warms up in your hands pretty quickly and should be able to float on seawater. If scraped with a knife, fake amber is flaky whereas real amber is powdery.

real amber ring

Real Amber Ring

synthetic amber necklace

Synthetic Amber Necklace

Being an organic gem that dates back to millions of years and carrying the DNA of extinct flora and fauna, amber connects us to the natural history of our planet.