What is Bamboo?

Do you know of bamboo? Asian peoples are using bamboo in many ways, such as for cooking, textiles, construction, and medicine. The rest of the world is just catching on to the benefits of this useful plant.

Bamboo has many benefits, such as its quick growth rate. It’s one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, as it can renew itself within a year after harvest. Bamboo requires no fertilizer or pesticides for growth when comparing to timber or cotton, which needs replanting each season and requires huge resource use for growth.

A lush bamboo forest.

The Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo is also one of the greenest options you can choose. It absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen from the air than either cotton or timber, which can improve air quality. Bamboo is all-natural and biodegradable. The plastic other fabrics contain isn’t and can create a notable environmental issue when they are improperly discarded.

Not just better for the environment, bamboo makes for high-quality textiles. The plant is highly absorbent, taking in up to three times its weight in water! This gives it great wicking ability by pulling moisture away from the skin. Think of it as natural, built-in temperature control!

Bed fitted with gray bamboo sheets.

The wicking ability of bamboo makes it great for textiles like bed sheets.

Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic with non-irritating fibers, making it great for sensitive skin. It is UV resistant, highly durable, and incredibly soft. In fact, bamboo has been described as having the plush softness of cashmere and the lustrous sheen of silk. As a result, bamboo makes lovely clothing, bedding, and towels.

As we continually seek greener textile options, without wanting to sacrifice the soft feel of our favorite fabrics, bamboo is a standout option. It proves to be the best of both worlds; sustainable and luxurious!

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