Did you know about Best Friends’ Day? Although the origins are unknown, we honor best friends as the family that we hand-picked. How do we honor them with the perfect gift? Here are five excellent gifts to inspire your own gift giving.

1) Jewelry

Jewelry is small, yet sentimental and valuable. Plus, there is a lot of room for personalization. For example, you could get them each an individual piece of jewelry that best suits their taste. Consider their birthstone jewelry set in their favorite precious metal that they can wear every day. You could even consider their best strengths and find ways to represent that through jewelry.

You could also get them a matching jewelry set! For example, many best friends gift necklaces and bracelets engraved with both your and their initials and birthstones on them. That way, the jewelry is a physical embodiment of how close you hold each other in your hearts as you go about your day!

2) Framed Memories

Have an amazing photo of you guys together? Frame it up! Photos are important as they are a visual reminder of the good times. Plus, they are practical as you can put the photo frame anywhere from bedrooms to offices.

picture frames

3) Matching Clothes

Want something a little more affordable? Go for matching clothes! It may be tricky as you need to find the perfect piece that suits both yours and their fashion tastes. However, you could always head to online sales, clearances, and auctions to find unique items perfect for you both.

If you are worried that they may not like your taste, go for either a gag shirt or some matching pajamas! You could always pre-order ugly Christmas sweaters at a really cheap price, or find something comfortable for them to slip on before they hit the sack.

4) Host a Homemade Dinner Party

What’s better than hanging out while pampering your best friends? Hosting a homemade dinner is a sentimental gesture of good will while you could spend as much time on as you’d like. You could share stories, host a game night, gossip or even reminisce about all the fun times you’ve shared together.

homecook dinner

5) Tickets to…

Got more wiggle room in your budget? Plan an activity together! Whether it’s a concert, admission tickets to amusement parks or even booking a trip together, these tickets will never fail to impress. You would create more memories together for you to reflect on years down the road!

handful of tickets

What are you planning to gift your best friend?

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