Just like the sparkling wine, champagne is a color and symbol of class. However, it is a difficult color to style. Not only is the natural champagne color similar to many peoples’ skin tone, but also it is a cool toned warm color to style.

What is Champagne Color?

Champagne is a yellowish-brown color that is cooler toned than beige. It has been used to describe shades of luxurious products, including cars and gemstones! Champagne comes in various shades, making it easier to style because champagne is such a versatile color. More often than not, people use the champagne color to soften their looks and draw a contrast to their big fashion piece. Here are the top 3 styling tips for champagne!

Closeup of glasses filled with champagne

Styling it as an outer layer

As summer transitions to fall, the weather gets cooler. Now is the perfect time to play with outerwear as it is warm enough to still wear your summer clothes while starting to experiment with outerwear. Champagne is the perfect color to match with your summer wear as the color compliments well with bolder coral colors. However, the cool tones of champagne also soften the look and bring an elegant flair to your outfit!

Man holding champagne glass with champagne colored blazer

If you are still having trouble, consider styling your clothes with a champagne trench coat. Not only does a trench coat go well with everything, but it also elongates your body due to its longer silhouette. Pair that with some classy neutral or black shoes, and you can wear anything under the trench coat to create dimension in your clothes!

Styling it with texture

If you are inspired by the bubbly drink, consider styling the champagne color with some metallic sequins. This is a classy way to celebrate any fun occasion (like Christmas!) as the dress will be a showstopper. Pair the dress with some heels and you are ready to dance the night away!

Woman with champagne dress celebrating Christmas

If you are feeling more experimental, consider styling the champagne color into a leather jacket. Not only is it a fun play on the classic leather jacket style, but it also feels a lot more modern as metallic is one of the biggest trends this past year! Pair the champagne jacket with a dark T-shirt, and you’ve immediately got yourself another killer outfit.

Styling it through Accessories

If you are still unsure of the champagne trend but you want to be part of the fun, try accessories! Since champagne is such a neutral color, the accessories will pair well with everything while adding a bit of class. Handbags are one of the most popular ways to style champagne as it is a no-brainer choice. Moreover, a handbag is also a fun way to add a pop of color if you are dressed in darker clothes, or to soften your look if you are styling bolder fashion choices.

Champagne diamond ring set in rose gold band

Another easy way to style champagne is through jewelry. Like handbags, it is easy to style champagne jewelry because it adds class while working with so many different outfits. Champagne is also metallic, meaning you could add a little bling to your walk. Moreover, it will help bring an elegant vibe to your closet.

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