Are you ready to spice things up with the bold, sassy edge, and compelling rhythm of asymmetry?

Humans are naturally aligned with symmetry. We are comfortable with it and seek it almost instinctively. We’re pre-wired to find it and appreciate it. This is why asymmetry is arresting. It rivets and captivates our attention. What else do you need when you want to make a fashion statement that’s both unique and enthralling?

There’s no need only to reserve this look for special occasions. Here are a few ways to rock asymmetry every day.


1. Asymmetric Hemlines

Woman wearing asymmetrical poncho with fringe.

Asymmetrical hemlines are a great way to portray captivating silhouettes. With a fair number of options regarding fabrics, apparel like ponchos offers you an on-trend look. Their flattering drape suits any body type, and they are versatile enough for coffee or brunches, or a night out dancing.


2. Asymmetric Necklines

Another popular and stylish way to add asymmetry to your appearance is through necklines. An asymmetric neckline greatly emphasizes on your face and makes your neck look longer. They are best complemented with a classy updo.


3. Asymmetric Hairstyles

Woman wearing asymmetrical wig.

When upgrading your look, never underestimate the power of a stylish hairdo. A short and asymmetric hairstyle frames your face while giving you a sassy and perked up look. If you’re too fond of your long tresses and a haircut isn’t an option, you can always opt for wigs!


4. Asymmetric Patterns

Let your handbags hop on this trend as you revamp your collection with chic pieces that flaunt an asymmetric pattern. With designs like huge bows or artistic collage patterns, these beauties give your look a fashionable edge that’s sure to grab attention.


5. Asymmetric Earrings

Asymmetrical pearl earrings in sterling silver.

Asymmetrical earrings are the in-thing. These gorgeous, sparkling beauties bring attention to your face by creating an eye-catching drama.


6. Asymmetric Pearls

Nothing spells rhythmic asymmetry as baroque pearls. Their unique shapes and endearing shimmer render any jewelry piece a classy elegance while holding them close to nature’s raw and organic beauty.


Rocking Asymmetrical Fashion Daily

How are you rocking asymmetry? Is it through bold and baroque pearls or a stylish new cut? Let us know with a comment, and visit Shop LC for more ways to explore this trend.

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