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Bold in Gold

This fall, add charm to your look with striking gilded accessories. We’ve rounded up eight of the most glamorous gold trinkets, including fringed neckwear, oversized cuffs, intricate rings and much more. Whatever your style, you’ll trinkle with this season’s boldest pieces!

Knotty and Nice Studs

Stud earrings have gotten a makeover and we have no complaints! These chunky, knot-shaped studs manage to be both dainty and daring.


Gold spiderweb cuff

Adorn your arm with a large and daring webbed cuff. The intricate detailing makes it delicate despite its size. The spider-like design is also fitting for a fresh take on Halloween!

Bangle Love

Elevate your everyday style with this rustic, yet modern bangle. Inspired by the molded curves of contemporary architecture, this piece is sure to be a showstopper!

Tip: Large, bold bangles and cuffs make great foundation pieces in a stack of bracelets. Don’t know about this trend? Check out our Bracelet Guide to learn more!

Raise the Bar

This bib necklace features a stunning fringe design. It’s unique from other fringe designs because it is made of bars instead of chains. Its charm and glamor make it a fall must-have!

Up to Your Neck in Style

This elegant blue agate pendant features goldtone detail and a stainless steel chain. It looks trendy when worn alone or layered with other necklaces.

Tip: Pendants complement V-neck shirts, which work perfectly for fall layering. To learn more about necklaces and necklines, check out our Necklace Guide!

Bead and Chain

The chain link trend is very happening right now, and there are many designs to choose from. Stand out from the rest with a gold chain necklace that’s interwoven. This necklace features delicate detailing and playful beading.

Dramatic Designs

Swap out your standard gold drop earrings for this intricate design. These stylish goldtone earrings will definitely grab attention at your next work meeting!

Ring in New Style

Midi rings have become very popular, and it doesn’t look like this trend will stop anytime soon! They are called midi rings because they are designed to be worn mid-finger. This chevron midi ring is on our list because it features bold chain links and a fresh design.

Tip: The midi-ring is only one design of many that have taken jewelry to the next level. Check out all of the modern adornments in The New Norm.

Gold adds style and warmth to any outfit. It’s fitting for the fall because gold complements autumn hues. By adding these treasures to your jewelry box, you will sophisticate your style and look confident while doing it! For more gold jewelry, check out our Rising Auctions with items as low as $1!

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