Glowing and cloudy gemstone jewelry is an ideal way to offer your look an outstanding flair this season! Make your bonfire special with the vibrant, colorful specimens in the Bonfire Nights collection at Shop LC. These vibrant pieces are your perfect companion for the night out when you want to add spark to your winter outfit.

What is the Bonfire Nights Collection?

Black spinel cocktail ring in sterling silver.

Thai black spinel ring.

The Bonfire Nights collection offers a selective range of crackling and sparkling jewelry. Shop LC is a great platform to discover the most attractive and eye-catching brilliant gems. Find fabulous options in fire opal, chocolate sapphire, and the charming gem with color play – andalusite. These vivacious pieces are set in a frame of sterling silver with a rich finish of platinum and fiery sparkle of yellow gold. These pieces are the best pick when you want to jazz up your appearance with a little bit of glamour and a little bit of elegance at any holiday event.

How should I wear the look?

Champagne diamond statement ring in sterling silver.

Champagne diamond ring.

Jewelry is like a friend in need, who can rescue your look for any occasion or event. Not only creating a style statement, but it is also the best way to express your personality and style. Choosing the perfect piece of jewelry opens up the opportunity of revealing the actual you!

Bonfire Nights jewels are excellent for your casual chic ensembles during a happening event. With dazzling presence, these selections sketch the essence of cheerfulness, brightness, and grace, infusing the razzle-dazzle complementing any occasion!

When you are out in the chilling weather enjoying firecrackers, a warm jacket is your best buddy. Partner your outfit with a pair of classic stud earrings filled with the jaw-dropping beauty of fire opals. Fire opal is superb to energize any neutral look.

Andalusite inside-out hoop earrings in sterling silver.

Jenipapo andalusite hoop earrings.

Without giving a second thought, you can choose a black spinel bangle for your super chic, casual look. The bold charisma of this jewelry is an apt choice to enjoy a bonfire with friends and family and have some fun.

Andalusite gemstone earrings are perfect to bring this season’s amusing fairy tale trend. Their play of color brings the royal vibe for a queen like you. Wear them individually, or go with a complementing necklace for a glamorous family party in the country!

Floral fire opal ring in sterling silver.

Crimson fire opal ring.

Orange, brown, black and pleochroic gemstone jewelry is an excellent way of adding color to the monochrome winter attires. During the fall season, our wardrobe is usually filled with the neutral and dull colors; these stones are exceptionally brilliant in adding the right dose of color to light up the outfit. From office hours to dinner dates, these gems offer precise sparkle. Also, you can pair these pieces with any of your favorite bright hues for that out-of-the-box look.

So, whatever you are planning to wear this season, the Bonfire Nights collection is perfect for perfecting your most exciting events almost anywhere. Gear up to liven up with these flickering gems!

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