Boss’s Day, an annual holiday which most of us sort-of forget, is on October 16th this year. Whether you love working with the boss of your dreams or have been butting heads with upper management, this is a can’t-miss opportunity to offer thankfulness and put your best foot forward. And, if you have been in the boss’s shoes before, then you can appreciate the hard work done by them – they are the boss!


Some of the favorite ways to show your appreciation are cards, flowers, gift certificates or lunch in your boss’s honor, but all these are little unexciting. Let’s explore the inexpensive and creative gift ideas for him or her that leaves an impression.


Green plant with gray pot against gray wall


When you are not sure what to choose, go with a table plant. It’s refreshing and is perfect to keep nature close while sitting in a concrete building. It keeps the environment cool around your boss’s office.

Closeup of black coffee mug


Who doesn’t love coffee? If your boss is a coffee lover, he or she will surely love this present from you. This present will offer them a few relaxing moments from their day (and not to mention from you).


For the boss who likes snacking, a snack pack with their favorite snacks, chocolates or candies makes an exceptional choice.

Closeup of plum notebook with white pen against white background


Sometimes our bosses save us from embarrassment by reminding us of the key takeaways from an important meeting. Thanks to their habit of keeping notes. Appreciate their help and applaud for their great habit by gifting them a professional notepad.


You know how busy their day goes. Back to back meetings, urgent calls and so on. All they want is a little pampering! Gift this pack of twelve bath bombs made of essential oils for a rejuvenating experience.

Closeup of red handbag against white background


A small home for all the essentials! When their schedule includes unplanned tours, client meetings and more it’s important to be presentable. One of the best gift choices is a handbag that offers room for a touch-up kit, accessories like scarf, a spare top, wallet, keys, and mobile. Impressive!


Sometimes we wonder how our bosses manage to be punctual every time. Reaching the office even when it is raining. Always there for the meeting 15 mins before everyone else. Well, a watch is an excellent present to tell them that you admire their punctuality that helps you be on time!

Do you have any gift ideas for the Boss’s Day?

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