A Definitive Guide to Layered Bracelet Stacks

How to stack bracelets.
Bracelet stacks are an easy and fun way to make a major statement with your jewelry collection. They are especially useful when you decide to forgo a necklace while wearing certain outfits. Bracelet stack sets can be worn in any season, but are often most popular in spring and summer when you can show off your DIY jewelry skills on your bare arms in the warm weather. When you’re done reviewing this guide, we guarantee you’ll be a pro at pulling together a fashionably cohesive stack of layered bracelets without looking overly adorned!

Gold layered bracelets.There are three elements that every bracelet stack should have:

1. A foundation piece.
2. Textured pieces.
3. Complementary pieces.

Read on to discover Shop LC’s best tips on how to stack bracelets into looks that can take you everywhere from the office to a night on the town.

Foundation Piece

Your foundation piece should be the boldest bracelet in your stack. Think chunky, bright and chic. You will build the rest of your stack around this statement bracelet. Stacking bracelets with watches makes for an excellent foundation because they are usually larger than bracelets, and add functionality to the mix. Generally, this piece looks the best when it’s at the bottom of your stack, which is the end closest to your elbow. But if you like symmetry, go ahead and put it in the middle (we won’t stop you!). Remember, there is no right or wrong way to order the bracelets in your stack. Suit them to emphasize your unique personality and style!
Beaded layered bracelets.

Textured Pieces

Texture pieces are extremely important when creating bracelet stack sets because stacking is all about mixing and matching different materials and metals for a polished look. From rose gold to silver to leather to platinum and more, you can’t go wrong with any material. Feel free to throw in some studded bracelets to bring an edgier boho feel to your stack. Pearl bracelets are a great smooth texture addition to your stack when you’re after a more preppy, classic vibe. Great texture pieces also include beaded, chained and even braided bracelets.
Bracelet stack with mixed metals.

Complementary Pieces

Add some bulk to your layered bracelets look with a few basic bangles in the color of metal you’re wearing. This will give your stack some volume and exude a luxe vibe. Create a stylish theme by picking pieces with similar characteristics or with gemstones in the same color family.


The Finishing Touch

Always add a meaningful piece to your bracelet stack sets to show off your unique personality. Creating the perfect stack of bracelets is all about self-expression. As far as the amount of bracelets you should include in your stack, there is no magic number. It’s all about personal preference. Some people only want a few bands because they like simplicity; others prefer to have almost their entire arm covered with jewelry. It all depends on your personal style!

Don’t be afraid to venture outside your jewelry comfort zone when it comes to bracelet stacks. If you need more bracelets to diversify your arm candy, make sure to check out our abundant bracelet collection. And if you explore our Online Auctions, you can snag a lot of these pieces for under $10! Below is some inspiration to spark your creativity. Happy shopping!

Bracelet stack sets in silver, rose gold and yellow gold.

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