After a long tiring day, nothing is more relaxing than a glass of wine, an interesting book, and a cozy bubble bath. You love it and there is no reason not to include it in your regular routine. But this foamy bath is a luxury relaxation, and its difficult for our wallets to support it any time we want it. Like all things around the home, we love to make our own bubbles. And here are few recipes to make your own!

Honey Vanilla Bubble Bath

The sweetness of honey and scent of vanilla makes for a romantic and relaxing combination. Brush aside the stress of the day and enjoy the relief of this bubble bath as you reenergize yourself.

You need:

  1. Almond oil – ½ Cup
  2. Honey – ¼ Cup
  3. Liquid hand or body soap (mild) – ½ Cup
  4. Egg white – 1
  5. Vanilla extract – 1 tablespoon

Cooking ingredients

Mix all the above ingredients well and pour ¼ to ½ cup underneath running water. You can store excess in the refrigerator for the time. Agitate the water to create more bubbles and enjoy!

Eucalyptus Lavender Bubble Bath

When you are making your own bubble bath, make sure you know what scent you want to have and what ingredients are going into your body. It can be a lot cheaper and just as luxurious as the fancy store-bought kind. The key is to get a good mix.

You need:

  1. Water – 4 Cups
  2. Castile oil – 4 Oz
  3. Glycerin or coconut oil – 3 Oz
  4. Essential oil – lavender or eucalyptus (You can also choose other fragrances)

Lavender plant against white background

Pour Castile oil with glycerin or coconut oil in water and mix well. Add 4-5 drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix all the ingredients well. Before you enjoy your bubble bath, let this mixture rest for 4-5 hours for the best results. Take a deep breath and soak!

Bubble Bath Salt

It’s a big challenge to make kids bathe regularly. The big charmers can be fun toys and cool towels, but a bubble bath is a perfect lure and a sure-fire winner. A homemade bubble bath is easy to make and can be safer for the sensitive skin of kids. You can also sneak in an essential oil to the bubble bath that your kids might never use.

You need:

  1. Epsom salts – 3 Cups
  2. Rock salt – ½ Cup
  3. Body wash (their favorite) – 1/3 Cup
  4. Essential oil – any scent

Bubble bath salt

Take a large bowl and mix all the ingredients well. Transfer this mixture into an air-tight and clean container. A small scoop or two in running bathwater are perfect for activating the bubbles. This recipe can last for approximately three months if kept in an above-mentioned jar. Do not use dirty fingers or hands to scoop.

If you want to learn the benefits of different essential oils, this chart is a great way to explore the different combinations of essential oils.

Bubble Bath Soak

Whether you are a homemaker or businesswoman, it is difficult to find “me” time. This homemade bubble bath recipe is relaxing and offers you the chance to chill in warm water with lots of bubbles.

You need:

  1. Epsom salt – 2 ½ Cups
  2. Olive oil – ½ Cup
  3. Body wash – ¾ Cup
  4. Peppermint tea bag – 1
  5. Chamomile tea bag – 1
  6. Essential oil – 10 drops

Bath salts in a jar

In a medium-size bowl, add Epsom salt and tea leaves. Mix well. Now add body wash and mix until its combined with the mixture. Slowly stir in olive oil and essential oil and mix thoroughly. Keep this mixture in a clean and air-tight container. 2-3 spoons are enough for a bath.

Which recipe are you trying today?

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