The greatest thing about fashion is how you can express yourself on a day-to-day basis. As fluid as fashion is in, people are always experimenting with different styles, becoming bolder with their statement pieces.

However, it’s a little stressful to start taking fashion seriously. How do you even begin? Here are our top five tips to start the beginning of your fashion journey.


1) Save Money

Fashion can be expensive! All those impulsive buys can really add up if you are not careful. Our fashionistas biggest advice for saving money while still exploring is to head to the Clearance section.

Jar of money being saved.

Clearance sections normally mean that things were just in-season but they did not sell all of their inventories before new shipments coming. Since it is normally inexpensive, it allows you to work with trends and find ways to work intimidating colors and patterns into your closet.

Another way is to go through coupons, auctions and sales events. There are a lot of flash sales and coupons you can utilize. Unlike clearances, coupons and sales often sell items that are still in season. Coupons and flash sales also serve as an inspiration, as you can finally get the items that intimidate you without breaking the bank.

There are also online auctions! These items go for super cheap (even as low as $1!), letting you spontaneously buy more pieces without a huge commitment. However, if you are looking for specific items, sales are usually a better option.

Finally, there are events built around specific seasons. For example, Mother’s Day tends to see a focus on jewelry sales, while Christmas has a lot of sales surrounding children’s toys. Stores also use sales to promote specific items they handpick for consumers. They often promote items that are trending or even high-quality items to introduce new or lesser known brands.


2) Look for Inspiration

If you’re stuck for what to wear, look for inspirations and keep an open mind. Whether it’s Pinterest or YouTube videos or style blog posts, start looking anywhere and everywhere for style tips. Fashion influencers can also teach how they personally explored and expanded their style.

One thing to note is that there is a difference between inspiration and just copying. Inspirations serve to encourage you to try something different that still looks like you, and not creating a carbon copy of someone’s look. Just focus on how they express themselves through fashion!


3) Style Your Fit, Not the Trend

Models walking at a fashion show.

Fashion trends encourage designers to innovate their designs. Although you should be inspired by trends, aim to style your fit. Some clothes help accentuate the body parts that you are proud of! For example, did you know that some jewelry enhances your body based on your body type? Long story short, wear clothes that look good on you, not on somebody else.


4) Think of Multiple Ways to Style Your Piece

Once you’re in shopping mode, think of two or three ways to style your piece with your current closet before hitting “Checkout.” This encourages you to buy items spontaneously yet responsibly as you save money weeding out what you won’t really use. Since you have thought things through, you will feel a lot better at buying items to explore your fashion.


5) Go with Your Gut Feeling

You know your body and your style best, even if you are just starting to expand your style. Dress to impress yourself, and if you look good in something – you do look good in something!

Woman trying on clothes.


Exploring fashion should allow you to feel free and confident. Though it’s daunting and sometimes expensive, always look for the best deals!

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