The fourth zodiac sign in astrology is Cancer. It starts on June 22 and ends on July 22. Cancer is known to be extremely loyal, romantic, devoted, compassionate, nurturing, and creative. Since you are the “Mother of the Zodiac,” caring for others comes naturally to you. When someone messes with your loved ones, you come back in “Mama Bear” mode, and you fight back. Cancer is known to be moodier than the other signs.

What is the Cancer Zodiac?

Symbolized by The Crab, this zodiac sign is known for showing a strong outer shell and hidden vulnerability. From the pages of myth comes a tale of family chaos. One of Zeus’ many affairs led to the birth of Heracles, one of the greatest Greek heroes. Hera, the wife of Zeus, despised Heracles and wanted him gone. While Heracles was fighting the great Hydra, a crab slipped in and tweaked Heracles’ foot out of love for Hera. He then shattered the crab with one step. However, tt is nearly the end of his story and perfectly represents the self-sacrificing nature of Cancer.

The heart of Cancer energy is domestic, sensitive, feminine, maternal, caring, compassionate, creative, and romantic

What are the Top Five Gemstones for Cancer?

Gemstone therapy is currently rising in popularity for its perceived therapeutic benefits. Not only does it help people improve themselves, but it also increases their sense of well-being.

For informational purposes only. These remedies, approaches, and techniques are not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat any ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.


Sokoto emerald line bracelet on red background.

Emerald helps to stabilize your moods when life feels unstable. It is also said to increase a person’s satisfaction in life while keeping us grounded. Standing for maturity, emerald was once a stone of divine intuition for the Ancient Greeks. The energy of the emerald flows best over the heart chakra. Put emerald in the corner of the eye to stabilize vision.


Green aventurine line bracelet displayed on shell.
This gemstone helps bring peace in times of chaos. It can help a person clear up their mind and allows them to feel less scared of the unknown. Aventurine relieves deep-seated anxieties and promotes relaxation and recuperation. Placed on the heart chakra, it removes stress. The stone should be worn for a long time. Cover the stone with water, leave overnight, and then wash the skin and hair with it for a beneficial effect on flaking skin and dandruff.


Shungite pendant with carnelian accent displayed on drift wood.
When a Cancer is feeling down, this gemstone is their answer. It brings a spiritual light into the soul during times of trouble. Since antiquity, chalcedony has been the stone of orators. Symbolizing calmness and composure, it offers self-confidence and protection from nightmares.


Tahitian pearl pendant by Giuseppe Perez.
Pearls are said to ward off danger and help bring contentment in old age. It is particularly suitable for elderly Cancers as it helps them feel more secure in their future. A pearl necklace is thought to warn sensitive people of imminent disaster. Meditate with pearls on your heart chakra or third eye. Pearls should be worn against the skin.


Bali crafted jade pendant on gray stone.
Choosing jade helps increase Cancer’s confidence and allows them to get out of their comfort zone as they continue living their best life. Jade is believed to endow its possessor with the ability to interpret dreams. It symbolizes renewal. Considered to be a lucky stone, it can be worn as an amulet. Place jade on the forehead for a quarter of an hour before bed for a restful sleep.

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Getting balance in life takes time. Help it along by choosing one of the five best gemstones for Cancer. Share your experience and stories with us in the comments below.

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