Are Leather Handbags the Green Choice?

For centuries, leather has been the preferred material due to its durability, versatility, and beauty. But is it a green choice? Today, consumer awareness is increasing as shoppers look for environmentally conscious options. According to the Leather Hide Council of America, in a new infographic, leather is more sustainable than synthetic alternatives.

CHAOS BY ELSIE Multi Color Floral Pattern Leather Tote Bag with Removable Shoulder Strap

“What is fashionable can also be sustainable,” said LHCA President Stephen Sothmann. “As consumers, retailers and brands weigh the versatility, beauty, durability and sustainability of leather compared to its imitations, it’s clear: there’s simply no substitute for real leather.”

Processing hides into leather is one of the oldest forms of recycling. Leather hides are natural by-products of meat and dairy consumption that would otherwise go to waste. Transforming them into durable, versatile, and beautiful real leather products help keep them out of landfills. With the rise of synthetics, there is a risk of disrupting this recycling process.

CHAOS BY ELSIE Multi Color Animal Embossed Pattern Leather Handbag with Detachable Strap

“There is no better, more environmentally-friendly alternative to using hides from animals processed for food than to make real leather,” Sothmann added. “Without the leather industry, nearly two billion pounds of unused cattle hides would be diverted to landfills, placing tremendous pressure on the environment that would be further compounded by the shift to synthetic imitations produced from plastic and other non-renewable sources.”

Not only does real leather last longer, but they are also naturally biodegradable. Leather goods may decompose in less than 50 years. Synthetics derived from petrochemicals, however, could take as many as 500 years to break down. Many feel it’s a strain too burdensome for the planet as the pace of climate change hastens.

CHAOS BY ELSIE Multi Color Faux Fur Animal Pattern Leather Tote Bag with Removable Shoulder Strap

Chaos by Elsie Handbags

Not only is leather a sustainable solution for handbags, but Chaos handbags take things a step further. Leftover material, which would otherwise go to waste, finds itself transformed into a fun and fashionable leather bag. How does Shop LC do it?

On average, creating a handbag takes about 250 square inches of material. However, around 50 square inches goes to waste as off-cut scrap. In a typical production run of 1000 bags, that’s 50000 square inches of waste! From what would otherwise be waste going to a landfill, 250 Chaos handbags are born.

CHAOS BY ELSIE Block Pattern Leather Tote Bag with Shoulder Strap

“If the handbag industry could adopt these kinds of practices, overall waste could reduce by as much as 10 to 20 percent,” explains Yannis Lu, Merchandising Specialist, STS of Hong Kong.

These affordable leather handbags are for those of us who dare to be bold and want to make a statement. For those wishing to make a better choice, these multicolor handbags lead the way for expressing yourself while providing a more environmentally friendly option.

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