Discover an exciting charm jewelry collection!

That’s right, Charmes D’Joy is coming to Shop LC. These high-quality sterling silver charm bracelets are highly collectible treasures.

Austrian crystal and sterling silver bead charm.

Since humanity’s earliest days, we’ve been using charms. They might have been talismans, souvenirs, or mementos of special times.

Glass bead charm.

People have worn charms for centuries. They’re a great way to link places, people, and feelings to special moments in time. With Charmes D’Joy, Shop LC is taking things to the next level!

Sterling silver tree of life charm.

The collection features sterling silver jewelry charms with a platinum coating. An antique finish is applied to create a timeless feel. In addition to sterling silver, you will also find colorful jewelry charms in materials like glass.

Sterling silver house charm.

A range of specialty charm bracelets is also launching with the collection.

Silver charm bracelet.

Charmes D’Joy premiers on September 29 at Noon CT on Shop LC.

Tune in and find your favorite way to watch.

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