Big, bold and extravagant are the words that symbolize the fashion of the 80s. It was the era of extensive and prolific fashion that represented people’s choices and sense of individuality. Costume jewelry was in vogue and designers turned their attention to experimenting with new designs, patterns and materials used for jewelry making. A contemporary touch was given to match these new ideas of styling that was eye catching and bold. By the 80s, fashion became vehicle of change to break through boundaries of traditional molds.

Hand painted blue holding neon 80s jewelry.

Extravagant Earrings

In the 80s, the earrings were large, oversized and dramatic! Complementing their distinctive fashion sense, people used to wear large hoops, disks, button shapes and geometric earrings. These were usually made with a mix of precious metals and inexpensive materials like plastic or glass.

Beaded Necklaces

The fashion of beaded necklaces was still prevalent. Large pendants and charm necklaces were introduced in the 80s. Pendants were made with imitation gemstones, faux pearls, while gold and silver were also desirable. To add more fun and color, people also loved wearing charm necklaces.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearls had made their way to the 1980s too. Pearl jewelry was a popular choice throughout this decade. For timeless elegance and feminine appeal, women wore pearls of various sizes.

Chunky Bracelets

Wide cuff bracelets, stacked bangles, charm bracelets and mix-and-match accessories added to 80s styling. The youth were inclined towards wearing multi-color or charm bracelets to make a statement.

Trendy Chains

Rope chains became popular during the 80s. With the growing popularity of rap music and hip hop culture, big metal chains were the rage. As gold generally retained its value, these chains were generally made with this precious metal.

Brooches and Rings

With striking look and wide design, brooches made a comeback in the 80s. Cocktail rings that represented the maximalist trend of the time were also in great fashion.

The decade of 80s witnessed fierce fashion in both jewelry and clothing. Multi-purpose jewelry with the scope to mix and match made way into our hearts. The use of lighter and inexpensive material gave an opportunity to experiment and lend expression to creativity.

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