Tanzanite is one of the rarest, and certainly one of the most interesting modern gemstones. First coming to prominence in the 1960s, tanzanite has quickly risen to become a contemporary classic! Its violet to deep blue hues gives a tanzanite ring a luxe and lush feel. Did you know that tanzanite is also a December birthstone? Here are ten tanzanite rings that will enchant and delight any taste!


Blue gemstone ring with double diamond halo in white gold.

A tanzanite gem is one of the rarest stones that a collector can own. Deep blue gems are often preferred, and it’s easy to see why! This ILIANA tanzanite ring features a generous oval AAA tanzanite gemstone. A double halo creates a splendid, luxurious look. Precious 18K white gold brings it all together for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.


Blue three stone ring in genuine yellow gold.

What’s better than one AAA tanzanite gem? How about three! This three-stone tanzanite ring includes three high-quality AAA rated stones in a brilliant setting of 10K yellow gold. Diamond accents flank these blue gems for extra sparkle, with each diamond rated G to H in Color. Delightfully classic but with contemporary flair, you’ll want to give this as a gift and get one for yourself!


Tanzanite and diamond ballerina ring in platinum.

The exclusive RHAPSODY Collection bring us this delightful tanzanite ballerina ring. E to F diamonds encircle a very rare AAAA oval tanzanite. Only 1% of tanzanite makes the grade. Every piece of RHAPSODY jewelry is cast in 950 platinum for deluxe experience. This is one ring that will truly sweep anyone off their feet!


Rough tanzanite stone set into sterling silver ring.

An exquisitely cut tanzanite gemstone is truly something to behold. However, sometimes you can’t improve over Mother Nature’s creations. This unique tanzanite ring features an enormous eight carat gem, set carefully to show off its atypical allure. Combining precious sterling silver with natural gemstones, can it get any better?


Blue gemstone marquise ring in sterling silver.

A rarer cut, the marquise shape is pointed oval, typically prong set. Many cutters avoid this cut, and it can waste valuable rough that permits them to make a larger stone. Cut to perfection, this blue marquise ring features and elegantly shaped tanzanite gem. Genuine diamonds create a terrific halo around the gem. A sterling silver setting completes the look for this special ring.


14K gold ring with blue gemstone.

Sometimes you simply want a simple solitaire. But, sometimes, you want a little more! This gold tanzanite ring includes a nice AAA tanzanite oval. G to H diamonds are set into the band to create a bold and brilliant look in a charming 14K yellow gold setting. For someone looking for a modern masterpiece, look no further.


Modern tanzanite men's ring in sterling silver with platinum finish.

Many still envision a men’s jewelry as large, masculine pieces. However, we’re seeing trends moving away from this traditional image. This tanzanite men’s ring is simple, elegant, and stylish. A single blue gem is prong set to grab attention, while zircon accents are precisely set to create a subtle sparkle that only highlights the beauty of this unique ring.


Triangle-shaped blue gemstone in platinum setting.

Another rare entry, the trilliant cut is not often seen. This collectible cut finds it home in a marvelous tanzanite ring from the RHAPSODY Collection. Genuine graded diamonds are channel set into the band, lending an envious boost of luxury to this enchanting jewelry piece. It’s the perfect gift for any December baby or collector!


AAAA tanzanite solitaire ring in platinum.

Sometimes, less it truly more. A premium, AAAA tanzanite round is prong set in precious 950 platinum. This minimal and elegant ring exudes sophistication and class. Perfect for any occasion, choose this ring if you want a versatile choice that you never need to think twice on. It’s the perfect heirloom option.


Tanzanite ring with pink sapphire and diamond halos in 10K rose gold vermeil.

It’s not often that we get to enjoy a pairing of rose gold and tanzanite. However, this rose gold tanzanite ring delivers! Featuring a double halo, your blue jewel is ringed first by a layer of brilliant pink sapphire, and then sparkling zircon! This motif carries to your band, creating a very particular look that is sure to turn heads.


As you consider your very own tanzanite ring, remember one thing. Jewelry is one of the most personal expressions you can make about yourself. Keep it fun and fresh, or prim and professional, it’s all up to you!

Dive in and choose your very own tanzanite ring today!

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