Is there anything better than a gorgeous garnet ring to welcome the New Year? With its classic velvety red color, and many more color besides, it’s hard to resist. This beautiful gemstone is the birthstone of January. At Shop LC, you will uncover a fabulous range of garnet jewelry. Are you ready to fall in love with your very own garnet ring?

From their rich color to appealing designs, there are many reasons to love garnet. Here are ten unique garnet rings that are a must-have for every jewelry lover.


Gold garnet ring.

This solitaire ring is crowned with a premium gem. It is famed for its timeless charm. Radiating class and elegance, this statement ring features rich, velvety hues. Pair it with your favorite party dress. And, set some groundbreaking trends instead of following one!


This garnet trilogy ring is something to behold. Three stone rings offer a distinct presence against others. This jewelry is designed in 14K yellow gold over sterling silver. The cushion-shaped garnets always catches my eye. It will steal attention and become a conversation starter.


Color changing garnet ring.

Infused with class, this ring is a must-have! The glittering gold complements the color change garnet. With its play of color, this ring is sure to be a collector’s gem. From morning to evening, it is your go-to for any occasion.


Green garnet ring in sterling silver.

Gone are the days when promises were sealed with a diamond ring. For a new era, make your promise with this stunning Tsavorite garnet ring. The crisscross ring is inlaid with natural white zircons to ensure that your relationship, like these gems, won’t ever lose its spark!


Spessartine five stone ring.

This fantastic five stone ring is accented with Spessartine garnet. Let the worry of finding an attractive piece of jewelry go away, and add this gorgeous ring to your collection. This versatile piece of jewelry is enough to create your style.


Garnet men's ring.

Evolving is a staple fashion trait, and this garnet men’s ring is just that. This men’s ring captures the beauty of this color changing stone. Zircon complements the overall design of the ring. This adorable ring is a beautiful quick styling accessory.


With the warm and vibrant hues, this demantoid garnet band ring is all you need. Set some new benchmarks with your styling game! The stylish and sleek frame crafted 10K gold offers an impressive shine. This gorgeous ring speaks for itself while your beauty blooms.


Floral gemstone ring.

This fantastic ring presents a floral design embedded with eye-catching change color garnet. The sleek and stylish shank is an perfect example of elegance with simplicity. Pair the traditional floral pattern with any attire.


Color changing ring in white gold.

This color change ring is great for sprucing up your look. The brilliant-cut stone in the center fascinates as it changes its color. Diamonds on the shank add to visual appeal. Wear this beauty, and compliments will roll in your way!


Raspberry rhodolite ring.

Adorn this enchanting ring and pay tribute to natural floral beauty. This cluster ring carries a whimsical floral theme. It is something you’ll adore every day. With the perfect placement of the stones, the vibrant cluster design is an enchanting treat to the eyes.

Discover your very own garnet ring from Shop LC!

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