Home Shopping Celebrity Chuck Clemency and his jewelry collection need no introduction. Chuck Clemency Jewelry at Shop LC features chic style and stunning gemstones without sky-high designer prices. His jewelry designs are always refreshing and fashionable, with intriguing variety. Read along to know more about Chuck Clemency and his exclusive range of jewelry on Shop LC!



In 1976, Chuck Clemency began his journey in the jewelry business as a Jewelry Department Manager in Sacramento, California. Working his way through the ranks to General Manager and then Regional Jewelry Manager, relocating to his home state of New Jersey along the way.

By 1992, Chuck began his home shopping career and has been in this space since. Mr. Clemency has a history with Shop LC. Several of his most loved designs were produced through Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL), the parent company and manufacturing arm of Shop LC.


Chuck Clemency made his Shop LC debut during the Diamond Smackdown on June 20, 2020. At the time, the Shop LC President said that “Chuck’s experience and enthusiastic energy will be a strong addition to Shop LC.” He also added that “Chuck has a large fan following, additionally, his specialty in diamond and gemstone jewelry was the perfect fit for Shop LC, and we expect many good things in the years ahead.”

The remarkable collection of Chuck Clemency jewelry includes a wide array of rings, earrings, bangle bracelets, necklaces and much more. Designing each piece starts with selecting the right gems. Next, expert artisans transform those stones into a real piece by adding mountings and accent stones. The designs then go to the model-making facility, polished into stunning jewelry. After the final quality check, the piece becomes part of the collection.


If you are searching for a stunning piece of Chuck Clemency jewelry, go for a beautiful tennis bracelet. This pink diamond tennis bracelet in 10K rose gold has a simple design, but it is full of class and style.

LUXORO 10K Rose Gold I3 Natural Pink Diamond Floral Tennis Bracelet (7.25 In) 9 Grams 2.00 ctw

This classic gemstone bracelet features a line of shimmering and colorful diamonds that create an infinite circle of glimmering light. This tennis bracelet is a fashionable and classy piece of jewelry that can be worn for a long time.


LUXORO 10K Rose Gold I3 Natural Champagne Diamond Ring 1.00 ctw

Inspired by the five-stone theme, this diamond ring in 10K rose gold from Chuck Clemency’s Jewelry Collection is ideal for any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or even birthday, this timeless gem is something no one can resist. Designed to create beautiful moments that you will cherish, there’s no piece of jewelry more classy, beautiful, or elegant than this diamond ring.


Certified and Appraised RHAPSODY 950 Platinum AAAA Tanzanite and E-F VS Diamond Pendant 7.85 Grams 4.50 ctw

This tanzanite pendant is crafted with the utmost precision. The halo theme inspires the design of this pendant necklace. It features octagon-shaped tanzanite in the center, highlighted by a double halo of diamond rounds that give it a statement look. The designer bail further adds a majestic appeal to the jewel and makes it a perfect choice to adore your elegant neckline.


NY CLOSEOUT 10K White Gold H-I SI Diamond Necklace 16 Inches 17.50 Grams 4.00 ctw

Isn’t this exotic diamond necklace an enchanting treat for the soul? Crafted in 10K white gold, this fine specimen of artistic wonder deserves a token of appreciation. So, make sure that you don’t miss out on this one.


RHAPSODY 950 Platinum IGI Certified E-F VS Diamond Earrings 7.60 Grams 1.00 ctw

Chuck Clemency jewelry isn’t complete without some diamond earrings! These earrings are inspired by a padlock design. These drop earrings display diamond rounds clustered together to offer exceptional brilliance. The lustrous appeal of diamonds and the luxurious charm of 950 platinum make this piece perfect for any occasion.


CHUCK CLEMENCY COLLECTION EON 1962 Made with Finest CZ Swiss Movement MOP Dial Watch in ION Plated YG and Stainless Steel with Ear Fork and Screwdriver(31 mm) - Presents For Dad

This EON 1962 wristwatch from the Chuck Clemency Collection is perfect for making you shine on special occasions. It features the finest cubic zirconia gemstones studded in a round dial and a bracelet strap with a clasp closure for an appealing look. This watch is a perfect choice to wear when heading to the office, parties, or a casual meeting as it is full of class and elegance.


A dapper gentleman, Chuck is well-known for his put-together look. So, why not explore the range of Chuck Clemency jewelry available from Shop LC?

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