Summer 2014 is all about bright and vibrant colors, so it’s not a surprise that the latest trends in sunglasses are colored shades. The best part is that they come in all shapes and sizes, making it easier for any face shape to look SPEC-tacular.
Colored sunglasses were primarily introduced to popular culture in the 60s by style icons such as Jackie O and John Lennon. This lookcontinued to be fashionable throughout the decades that followed. Take a cue from these icons and other celebs because the right pair of sunglasses can polish any appearance.
For those of you who feel like dark shades ruin a summery outfit, never shy away from using color in your eyewear. If you’re afraid of color because it’s too bold for you, don’t be! This trend is perfect because the various hues provide a way to incorporate any amount of color into your look.
Depending on your skin tone, some colors of sunglasses look better than others. Color therapy, the practice of finding the right seasonal palette for your skin, explains exactly how all of this works, however nobody has time to decipher all of that! To simplify the scientific jargon, we figured we could help you find the best color for your fabulous new specs.

Skin tone

First, you need to determine your skin tone. People with cool skin tones tend to have a pink or rosy undertone and blue-tinted veins. Those of you with warm skin tones have a golden or apricot undertone and green-tinted veins.

Color Spectrum

We have provided a spectrum of colorful sunglasses to match your skin tone. Generally, people with a cool skin tone should gravitate toward hues with a blue base. Skin tones on the warmer side should wear hues with a yellow base.

As shown above, cool skin tones go great with blue, pink, purple, grey, tortoise shell, silver and black. Warm skin tones look stunning in gold, orange, brown, tan, red, yellow and ivory. Green is in the middle of the spectrum because it looks amazing on every skin tone! So go out and get a colorful pair of new shades, and take your look to the next level this summer!

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