Have you heard of Cougar Beauty? This exciting brand, from the United Kingdom, is part of the growing selection of carefully curated beauty products from Shop LC. Check out our blog and learn all about this amazing brand!

Cougar Beauty Products

The Cougar Beauty range of skincare products has been formulated and designed for those who enjoy high-quality products and never want to compromise. Through their partnership with Shop LC, we make Cougar Beauty affordable for you!

Entirely manufactured in the United Kingdom, they supply must-have, niche products which aren’t in one month and out the next. No cost has been spared bringing the most innovative formulas, designs, and technology to make Cougar Beauty Products a leading international brand name. All the products are new, edgy, of the highest quality, and most importantly—they work.

By utilizing the highest-quality ingredients available, each product in the range offers incredible results. Proprietary blends and innovative formulas ensure that the cosmetic and skin care products work hard for you.

Many companies use questionable chemicals in producing their cosmetic and skin care products. Avoid unnecessary agents such as fillers, dyes, perfumes and more by choosing Cougar Beauty. Safeguards like these make the range a better selection, no matter what your individual skin type may be. 

Earth and Animal-Friendly

Cougar Beauty is passionate about preserving the Earth for future generations. Green innovations are at the forefront of the brand, and they’re always looking for new ways to do their part in keeping our planet beautiful.

All products and packaging are manufactured in the UK, ensuring fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted during the manufacturing process. As ingredients are sourced locally, pricey transportation fees have been cut. Not to mention, the savings on shipping are passed to you!

Packaging and marketing materials are designed to be recyclable. Not only are they designed with recycling in mind, but the materials are also crafted from previously recycled material!

Cougar Beauty takes pride in using cruelty-free formulas that are never tested on animals. And they never will be.

Brains Behind the Beauty

Paula Dunne is the genius behind Cougar Beauty. Her early career in the cosmetics industry provided valuable insight. Learning about issues that can plague the business, Paula took these lessons to heart when forming her own company.

Taking a hands-on approach, Paula leveraged her expertise in developing the Cougar Beauty product range. Partnering closely with UK labs, a range of products was created that work! The best active ingredients were carefully considered and selected to be incorporated into this range of high-quality products. One thing that wasn’t? The outrageously disproportionate price tag.

Originally from Yorkshire, Paula continues to make her home in the United Kingdom. With two children, now grown, she focuses her time on eating right, exercising, and helping others through innovative beauty products. Paula loves to meet new people as she introduces them to Cougar Beauty Products – a truly problem solution brand.

It’s time to upgrade your skin. Start now, with Cougar Beauty.