Since 2015, Asian Americans have been achieving milestone after milestone in traditional media. From “Fresh Off the Boat” to “Crazy Rich Asians,” I am so proud to see an accurate representation of us in American homes.

This month, Shop LC had the pleasure of sponsoring Crazy Rich Austin – a local event celebrating the creation and release of the film Crazy Rich Asians.”

Have you seen Crazy Rich Asians?

The film follows a young couple who travels to Singapore for a friend’s wedding. Rach is shocked to learn that her boyfriend, Nick, is actually part of one of the wealthiest families in the country. Rachel now needs to learn how to navigate this world of glitz and glamour while trying to win over Nick’s disapproving mother.

The film is more than your traditional rom-com-drama. It’s the first American film in over 25 years that features a majority cast of Asian descent!

How did the movie inspire Crazy Rich Austin?

To promote the release of the film, Austin Asian American Film Festival (AAAFF) organized Crazy Rich Austin, an event comprising two major components: a Night Market and VIP Fundraiser. The Night Market is a free event featuring local Asian food and fun. Meanwhile, the VIP Fundraiser highlights important Asian American figures such as Chris Pang (actor), Ronnie Chieng (comedian), Tiffany Lee (celebrity artist), Minji Chang (director), Christine Hà (MasterChef Winner Season 3, Celebrity Chef), and Chloe Dao (Project Runway Winner Season 2, Fashion Designer). Moreover, some of the creative figures of “Crazy Rich Asians” came to discuss the importance of Asian American representation and presence in mainstream media.

Chris Pang, Ronnie Chieng and Chloe Dao on the red carpet.

The event celebrates Asian Americans’ progress in film and television. In fact, Austin Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo declared August 4 as “Austin Asian American Film Day” to recognize and celebrate AAAFF contributions in promoting Asian American culture in our community.

Who is the Austin Asian American Film Festival?

The Austin Asian American Film Festival is a local non-profit organization dedicated to “tell Asian and Asian American stories via media arts and help Asian American explore opportunities in cinema.” Every year, the organization hosts a film festival featuring new and exciting Asian and Asian American stories for everyone to see. Plus, they host regular screenings and special events to promote Asian American representation and more!

Crazy Rich Asians backdrop featuring sponsors.

Why sponsoring Crazy Rich Austin matters to Shop LC

Michelle Long, Director of Marketing, received a proposal from one of our set designers to sponsor the event. Not only is this an opportunity for Shop LC to give back, we can also celebrate our company’s diversity and shine the spotlight on our Asian American colleagues. After reaching out to AAAFF, we decided to become a gold sponsor of the event.

Asian model in a green dress showcasing Shop LC jewelry.

As a gold sponsor, we had the opportunity to connect with fashion designer Chloe Dao. She picked several of our necklaces to demo on a live model. We had so much fun Delivering Joy to the event and showcasing some of our much-loved jewelry.

So, what’s next?

Shop LC looks forward to having more opportunities to connect with AAAFF while giving back to our community through programs like One for One. Special thanks to everyone for making this event both memorable and successful. Subscribe to our blog and stay up to date with Shop LC news and more!

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