Halloween is almost here! Whether you’ve spent months creating a killer costume, need some last minute inspiration, or just want to show a little spooky spirit on the big day, Shop LC’s Halloween Jewelry collection is the place to find unique and fun accessories for costumes of all kinds!


To get you started and help you flaunt a true Halloween spirit look here are a few theme-based jewelry ideas that are sure to win the attention and compliments you want aplenty:


Slaving over a hot cauldron, frightening small children and turning your ex into a toad is an exhausting day’s work. So treat yourself to a magic amulet worthy of your sorcerous skills!
For witches, check out snakes, spiders, and cat jewelry.


Even in the depths of the deepest ocean, you want to look your best! Glitter and shine underwater, or on dry land with these perfect accessories for a siren of the sea. No one can resist your enchanting song or these delightful gems.
For mermaids, check out seahorses, pearl and mermaid jewelry.


You live in an enchanted world of stardust and dreams, flitting on delicate wings as you weave your magic spell. So why not adorn yourself with creatures of the sky that make your heart take flight?
For fairies, check out butterflies, dragonflies, and fairy jewelry.


You’ve been roving the seas for as long as you can remember, and no one meets mercy once you’ve got them in your sights. Top off your terrifying look with these swashbuckling treasures!
For pirates, check out octopus and skull jewelry.


You are the essence of Halloween. The festival is incomplete without the terrifying jack o’ lanterns. Adorn yourself with pumpkin motif jewelry and liven up your fantastic costume.

Closeup of orange pumpkin and black beads necklace and drop earrings against white background


Just because you’re dead, doesn’t mean you can’t look good. A true creature of the night, your style is immortal. Brooding in your castle or stalking your next victim, you only have until sunrise to show off these hypnotic beauties!
For vampires, check out bats and wolf jewelry.


The ferocity and majestic allure of felines are well known. Add a distinct appeal to your Halloween look with these tiger, lion and leopard head bracelets.

Black leather bracelet with leopard details


Not too excited about themes and still need a classy inspiration for the spooky day? We got you covered! Shop LC brings you a fascinating range of gemstones that perfectly match the warm hues of Halloween.


Santa Ana Madeira Citrine is a birthstone for November and displays color variations of yellow-brown mandarin orange, burnt orange, and Madeira red. Sparkling with an enticing radiance, this Santa Ana Madeira citrine ring is can’t-miss addition to your collection.

Closeup of citrine ring with silver band


A delightful variety of sapphire, orange sapphire is known as the stone of strength and power. It is also said to radiate energies of wise judgment and pure kindness. These cluster stud earrings are a great way to illuminate your earlobes.

Closeup of orange sapphire cluster earrings


Orange kyanite gets its golden orange/brown coloring from inclusions of Manganese. It is often termed as “Stone of creativity.” Orange kyanite increases the senses, self-esteem and communication skills. Add a warm glimmer to your wrist with this gorgeous bracelet.

Closeup of orange kyanite necklace


The word ‘amber’ comes from three separate sources: “ambre” from Middle French ‘ambra’ from Medieval Latin and ‘anbar’ from Arabic. Sourced from the Baltic Sea region of Russia, Amber is associated with love, strength, and luck. Hypnotize one and all with this Baltic amber ring.

Closeup of orange baltic amber ring


Oregon peach opal represents one of the rare and unusual color varieties. The pink material is swirled with peachy tones evocative of freshly scooped sherbet. A perfect conversation starter, this bold Oregon peach opal ring is for keeps!

Closeup of pink stone ring with black setting and silver band

Check out Shop LC’s entire creature couture collection for costume inspiration from nature or celebrate with the enthralling warm hues of gemstone jewelry available in our Pumpkin Spiced collection and add the perfect finishing touches to your Halloween disguise. Halloween Jewelry never looked so good!

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