Tis the season of giving. . . And shopping! With the holiday season in full swing, it is hard to find the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. Well ladies and gentlemen, consider me Santa’s helper because I am about to share my December must haves with you to make your holiday shopping for you and all of the fashionistas on your list, a smooth sleigh ride.

1.) Faux Fur Vest

Decmeber Must Haves - Faux Fur Vest Whether your vest is fully covered in faux fur or it’s trimmed with  faux fur, you cannot go wrong. Faux fur vests are now a winter essential for any fashion forward gal. Personally, I feel like a total diva the moment I put on any type of fur. I had a pink furry coat that I cut the sleeves off to make a vest. I definitely make a statement when I sport my pink faux fur vest. If you want a more subtle look with fur, try sporting a sweater vest that is lined with fur. You will most certainly keep cozy and warm.

2.) Merino Wool Scarf

Decmeber Must Haves - Merino Wool Scarf

Scarves are my absolute favorite accessories for winter. When I do not know what to wear, I always throw on a scarf. A merino wool scarf is a must-have for winter. Merino wool is one of the highest qualities of wool on the market. It is very soft, warm and has a beautiful drape. I love how you can fluff up a wool scarf to add depth to your ensemble. Also, I feel scarves make the perfect gifts for nearly anyone on your Christmas list. You can pull together your look by coordinating your scarf with your other winter accessories such as boot cuffs, gloves, or hat!

3.) Boot Cuffs

Decmeber Must Haves - Boot Cuffs
I don’t know about you, but I live in boots during wintertime. Right now I love thigh-high boots, I feel as though they add sophistication and sex appeal to nearly any ensemble you pair them with. Each year, I only get one pair of black boots and one pair of brown boots. Sometimes I find embellished boots, but I tend to shy away from them because I want something that will coordinate well with everything in my wardrobe. This is where boot cuffs come into play.
Boot cuffs add that extra flare to your look…and boots! They are an extremely easy accessory to wear that can transform the look of your boots in a snap. Boot cuffs remind me of mini leg warmers. You simply put them on as you would do with socks. You then pull the boot cuff up to the desired height, so it peeks out of the top of your boot as if it were a knee sock. Boot cuffs with lace trimming adds a feminine touch, while boot cuffs embellished with bling add sassy detail. I love that you can also fold them over the top of your boots, cowboy boots included, for a new and fresh look each day.

4.) Metallic handbag

Decmeber Must Haves - Metallic Clutch

The holiday season means sparkle season. Make a statement and draw all eyes on you under the mistletoe by sporting a metallic handbag. Sometimes I want that extra sparkle to my ensemble, but I do not want to wear a sequin skirt or metallic shirt. These are the days when I sport a metallic handbag. It adds the perfect amount of sparkle that I can either use as my primary styling piece that I revolve the rest of my outfit around, or as the accent to the rest of my ensemble.

5.) Fingerless Gloves

Decmeber Must Haves - Fingerless GlovesOkay, so I am a total baby when it comes to cold weather, but I am also very stubborn. I hate when I am trying to keep warm, but I need to text my bestie telling her I found the perfect gift for her. Fear not ladies, fingerless gloves keep you both warm and finger-free so you can text away with ease. Pair your fingerless gloves with a coordinating set of boot cuffs or hat and this makes the perfect winter accessory gift set.

6.) Turban Style Winter Headband

Decmeber Must Haves - Turban HeadbandTurban style headbands were huge this past summer and festival season. Now, you can find this turban style headband knitted with a large sequin appliqué in the center. I have always loved the bohemian chic style which has had a strong presence in the world of fashion. Pair a turban style headband with nearly any winter ensemble to get a boho chic style.

7.) Tacky Christmas Sweater

Decmeber Must Haves - Ugly Christmas Sweater
 I love Christmas! I am that girl who begins decorating the day after
Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving (food…yum), but I enjoy the spirit, joy, and happiness Christmas brings out in people. Every year I typically attend one tacky Christmas party, where you wear the ugliest and most gaudy Christmas sweater you can possibly find or make. For the past four years, I have made my own tacky Christmas sweater, and I am now seeing similar sweaters being sold at Nordstrom for three times the cost of what I made mine for. You can find a tacky Christmas sweater just about anywhere these days. I have spotted some in Walmart,
Target, Nordstrom and various online shops. A tacky Christmas sweater brings the ultimate Christmas spirit, don’t forget your ornament earrings!

8.) A Jolly Mug

Decmeber Must Haves - Jolly Mug

There’s nothing like sipping peppermint hot chocolate out of a giant jolly mug next to a crackling fire. I have a slight addiction to Etsy, and all of their personalized mugs. There is one for any and every mood I may possibly have when I am drinking my coffee in the morning. If they don’t have the saying or quote I’m looking for, there are so many talented artisans on Etsy that will personalize anything you ask. Can you say perfect Christmas gift?! One for you and one for your bestie.
Well, that wraps up my must-haves for this month. December is a month full of happiness, joy and giving. If you are anything like me, you will want to keep some of the gifts you buy. This my friend, simply means you bought a great gift and you should probably buy two, so you can keep one. With all of these great must haves I know it would be difficult to not keep everything on the list.
Find your own December must haves with our Holiday Gift Guide!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


icm_fullxfull.66002214_sgnuiq3701csoc88ogs4Victoria Orzech is a fashion blogger and the stylish owner of Fashion Avenue East, which she created to express her style and to inspire others to dress to express. After years of fashion hits, faux pas and working retail for more than seven years, Victoria has picked up styling tips and tricks to make anyone look and feel fabulous!