It’s holiday time! The joyful season, starting from Thanksgiving to Christmas, is the period where we spend the most valuable time with our friends and family. Whether you’re hosting a party or want to make your home festive for the season, it’s the best time to display your creativity and craft skills. Planning for holiday decor that lasts the entire season can be hard. Thus, here are some easy tips and ideas to keep your décor fresh throughout the holiday season while making your home warm and welcoming with a festive atmosphere.

Try something new this season! Decorate your hall with haute holiday hues that are anything but conventional.


Colors that’s festive without being exclusive to one season are a great way to ensure your decorating accents remain transitional from month to month. Soft neutral colors, materials, and finishes will give a new sense of renewal in your home. If you love the simplicity and natural decor, then opt for colors such as black, white, off-white and blue. Check out some of these examples for inspiration.

Tip: Having a nontraditional color scheme allows you to be flexible with your holiday décor and makes the transition between holidays smoother.

holiday décor


A wreath is a timeless adornment with flexible design options. Begin with a Thanksgiving wreath and choose neutral colors for the base to fit into any season. Wrap the wreath base in wide ribbons of gold, silver, orange, or shimmery white. Decorate it with a garland of beautiful fall leaves and little pumpkins. For Christmas spirit, replace the Thanksgiving accessories with gold or silver accents, pine branches, and holly berries to transform the decoration.

Figure 8 door wreath

Tip: Assemble this stunning transitional wreath that lasts from Thanksgiving to Christmas. With a few simple switches, you’ll have a fresh look for winter.


Even though your home is adorned with a neutral color, you can still add a hint of glimmer and shine with accents of metallic luster. Metals such as silver, gold, and platinum ornaments, garland, and Christmas decorations, in combination with your neutral color palette, will add an unexpected punch to your home. Decorating your staircase banister and railing with candles, garlands, ribbons, and pops of twinkle create a magical ambiance throughout your holiday home.

Tip: Gold is a metal that complements the entire holiday season quite well. A color scheme of silver, gold, and bronze is both classy and timeless.

holiday décor


Some decorations outshine in evoking the festive nature of the season. There is no need to reinvent and repurchase accents every year. Instead, stick with the familiar and beloved ornaments that your family has collected and created over the year. Decorating with a variety of themed ornaments helps you bring a personalized touch to every corner of your home.

Tip: Turkeys, pumpkins, glittering balls and stars, figures, lights, pine cones, acorns, a tree skirt, and stockings are some of the ornaments that are perfect to use every year.

Lights wrapped up on glass containers of Christmas ornaments


Swag isn’t just for doorways and porches. To make your mantel merry and gorgeously bright, just spray-paint a faux leaf garland in silver and gold. A dusting of micro glitter gives a finishing touch. Craft a classic decorative display for your mantel with thin tree branches and birch bark shavings to make up a rustic showpiece for a minimalist living room. Urns, vases, stockings, white candles, holiday figurines, and pine cones will lend holiday touches to the natural arrangement, which could be used throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Tip: Round out your transitional mantel with a couple of evergreen boughs for color, balance, and a nod to the season.

Decked out fireplace


Illuminate your home with beautiful shimmering light this holiday season! Don’t limit light decoration to the interior of your house, bring it out to your front porch and backyard. Wrap them around patios, front porches, dining-room, and stair rails, hang them on a fountain or tall fence, stuff them in trees and bushes, and just about everywhere else for the most cheerful house in town.

Tip: Light up every corner of your home this holiday season with battery-operated string lights, snowflakes, LED and icicle lights. This decoration technique is a quick way to upgrade your home with glitz and sparkle.

Ceiling lights


Holiday décor isn’t just about what you see, but also about what you smell! This holiday season infuses your home with seasonal aromas. Find scents that remind you of the holidays and be sure to opt for colored candlesticks in your chosen flavor. Winter holidays are all about nights by the fire, so to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas, consider adding more scented candles in your collection.

Tip: The scents of cinnamon, clove, pine, peppermint, cranberry, and maple will invoke the festive season into your home.

Get every inch of your home into the holiday spirit with these creative ideas. Remember these tips when you go shopping for holiday décor this season. Dual-purpose adornments will allow you to buy less, which means more money in your pocket for the other holiday necessities!

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