It’s the time of year when temperatures are cooler, leaves are turning and nights are longer. Yes, it’s fall! I’m not sure about you, but I began my countdown to fall the moment I received my electric Spruce up your home for Fall - Cozy Fall Decorbill for the month of July! For many of us, it’s our absolute favorite time of year because of football, bonfires, camping trips and much more. All of that is great, but I think the part that has me most excited is sprucing up my home for fall!

When I think of fall décor, I think of words like “cozy,” “warm” and “natural.” Although the idea of being able to purchase all new furniture and décor may seem exciting, it’s not feasible for most of Spruce up your home for Fall - Decoratingus. Luckily, sprucing up your home for fall doesn’t mean going out and spending a fortune. It really just requires a little elbow grease, natural elements, and most importantly, creativity. Here are a few simple tips to make your home feel warmer and inviting as you celebrate your love of fall.

Jazz Up the Entryway

Nothing says “welcome home” better than an inviting wreath on the front door. Wreaths are a great way to celebrate the season. You can of course purchase a wreath, but I believe the best wreaths are homemade. There are countless ideas for making gorgeous fall wreaths. When making your Autumn wreath, consider using any of the following low cost materials to create yours:

  • BurlapSpruce up your home for Fall - Fall Wreath
  • Dried corn husks
  • Faux hydrangeas, sunflowers, leaves
  • Pine cones
  • Mini pumpkins
  • Acorns
  • Faux berries
  • Cotton balls

Go Organic

One of the things that characterizes fall décor is the love of all things natural. Sometimes you should just take a trip out to the backyard to get great fall decorating materials.  Before you chop up and donate those fallen twigs, consider putting them inside a tin bucket and set them out on the porch. Here are just a few natural materials you may have never considered in décor:

  • Bale of hay
  • Sticks
  • Corn cornels
  • Dried wheat sheaves
  • Pumpkins/gourds

Be sure to check out the LC’s wonderful collection of vases and decorative containers to hold the organic treasures you find outside! Here are a few to get inspired:

Spruce up your home for Fall - Decorative Vases

Brown and Gold Ceramic Vase | Multi-Color Ceramic Vase | Cream and Brown Ceramic Vase

Try a Rustic Look

Nothing says “cozy” quite like weathered and rustic décor. Anything that looks vintage, worn and weathered make great fall décor pieces. If the piece is not yet worn, consider creating the look of a patina.

Here are a few home decor items from the LC that fit perfectly in a rustic setting:

Spruce up your home for Fall - Rustic Accents

Gray Ceramic Basin | Mercury Glass Jar | Home Decor Red Vintage Car

Fall decorating is all about making the home feel comfy, lived in and warm. Whether you hire an interior designer or create everything yourself, make sure your home is a reflection of you. With this new beautiful season upon us, let’s enjoy every moment!

How do you plan to decorate your home for fall?


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