How often do you get the chance of Delivering Joy? At Shop LC, it’s a 24/7/365 experience that requires the tireless efforts of our entire Shop LC Family. Recently, we had the privilege of being a guest at the Golden Gift Suite for the 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards. Many of us love the stars of these daytime dramas! We caught up with Ray Allen, our Motion Graphics Designer, to chat about his experience with this memorable event.



Inside the Golden Gift Suite

Ray recounts his story for me, from the beginning. It all started when our President was returning from a lengthy business trip to India and China. “He had a voicemail from the Executive Producer of the event,” Ray tells me. “They heard about our story, and loved our story; especially the One for One program,” he concludes. This would be a recurring theme, Ray tells me.

Even though the event was only about a week away, this wasn’t going to stop Shop LC. In short order, we put together a team to head out to the event in Los Angeles. With a serious tone, Ray tells me, “One of the biggest challenges was choosing what to bring.” A lot of consideration went into curating the perfect selection of gifts for our favorite daytimes stars. “The response was overwhelming! Everyone really appreciated the selection from various options.”

With around 30 exhibitors at the event, there were many exciting products to experience. However, many of the booths were only able to offer a limited selection of swag for the event. With our revolving selection of products, we wanted to make sure we brought something for every taste. “Some of the most popular items were our men’s rings,” Ray explains to me. “The guests were fascinated and impressed with our vertical integration and partnership with mines and vendors.” There was a such a demand for event swag, sites that managed to score a bag are doing Daytime Emmy Awards giveaways!

The event was carefully monitored, with small groups coming in to explore and discover what each booth had to offer. Ray continues, “I know it sounds corny, by my favorite part was getting to meet everyone. It really made me proud to share our story and to represent Shop LC.”


Why Delivering Joy Matters

Throughout the event, things came back to one crucial thing, the One for One program at Shop LC. Our celebrity guests loved hearing about how we give back, and how that is core to our values. Our Purpose is Delivering Joy, and we partner with the communities that make us great. One for One is our flagship community engagement program. For every item sold, we offer a hot and nutritious meal to a child in need. It’s that simple.

Learn more about how we’re Delivering Joy through our One for One Program.

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