Lustro Stella means ‘shiny star’ in Italian. Modern and elegant, Lustro Stella draws inspiration from current diamond jewelry trends. It warrants a double-take and is Instagram-ready. Learn how Shop LC went about imagining a new customer experience. 

LUSTRO STELLA CZ Ring in Sterling Silver

Designing Lustro Stella Jewelry

Only from Shop LC, this elite brand is crafted with perfection in mind. Lustro Stella features premium cubic zirconia stones. It’s a difference you can see when comparing to standard cubic zirconia jewelry. Each piece is carefully crafted in sturdy 925 sterling silver and receives a high polish finish.

Shop LC always strives for unique offerings. This select jewelry collection offers a high-end jewelry experience at an affordable price. With Lustro Stella, you will find great styling options. These designs take inspiration from trendy diamond jewelry in today’s market. Ranging from dainty, minimalistic rings, to bold designer looks, you’ll find the most inspiring designs of the day represented in Lustro Stella. 

LUSTRO STELLA Simulated Diamond Pendant Necklace

A Great Diamond Alternative

For decades, high-quality cubic zirconia has been the favored diamond alternative. With a focus on modern design and classic style, Lustro Stella makes an excellent alternative to diamond jewelry. It’s incredibly affordable when comparing to the diamond jewelry. Bringing the best concepts from diamond jewelry, you can wear them anywhere, anytime, without worry.

Lustro Stella represents a premium unboxing experience. Each piece arrives in exclusive and stylish packaging, perfect for gifting or unboxing videos as you share your haul.

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