What do you call a gemstone that is playful, delicate, and feminine enough to captivate with mysterious hues of color? Discover Midnight Fuchsia Quartz, exclusive to Shop LC.

An assembled gemstone, Midnight Fuchsia Quartz displays the organic beauty of the Mother Nature. This colorful triplet stone is loved by everyone who desires the embrace of natural color.

Now, every gemstone has its own story, and Midnight Fuchsia Quartz is no different.

To learn more about this beautiful quartz gemstone, I set up a meeting with one of our gemstone buyers, Mr. Kartik Agarwal. He began his career in the Finance department at Vaibhav Global Limited, India. His keen interest in gemstones took him to Merchandising, before becoming a gemstone buyer.

Below are select excerpts from our interview.
Midnight Fuschia Quartz

Manoj: What inspired you to create Midnight Fuchsia Quartz?

Kartik: The name and color of this gemstone is inspired from flowers of the ‘Midnight’ fuchsia, a fascinating variety of the fuchsia plant. We know that there are lots of beautiful gemstones around us like emerald, ruby, and sapphire. However, we wanted a gemstone that displays the exotic beauty of nature, but it should be inexpensive too.

That’s why we created this beautiful triplet gemstone, with never seen before color! The two-tone flowers of this plant display pink and purple colors. This playful color combination strikes a delicate balance of bold color and feminine splendor.

Midnight Fuschia Quartz ring and necklace

Manoj: You used the term “triplet quartz,” what exactly does it mean?

Kartik: Triplet gemstones are a type of assembled gemstone constructed from more than one material fused together in layers. This process is commonplace in the jewelry industry and allows for a wider variety and accessibility to gemstones.

Typically, this technology is used to strengthen fragile gem materials so they can be enjoyed in a jewelry setting that experiences more active wear. But it can also be used to provide an affordable substitute for expensive natural gems.

Triplets are very popular with Shop LC customers. A triplet combines three layers of material. The top and bottom layers are typically made of a clear material. Shop LC uses rock crystal quartz for this purpose. The middle layer is a coloring agent that cements the top and bottom layers together.

Triplets are affordable, abundant, and available in any color our designers can imagine.

In a triplet, an assembled gemstone also receives a clear protective cap usually constructed from quartz. This clear top layer protects the base from scratches and fading.

Midnight Fuschia Quartz ring

Manoj: So, we can say that Midnight Fuchsia Quartz have the same characteristics as natural quartz?

Kartik: Yes, absolutely. Midnight Fuchsia Quartz is made from raw crystal quartz sourced by Shop LC from Minas Gerais, Brazil. The area is known for its perfectly clear stones. This gemstone is both tough and durable as it ranks seven on the Mohs scale of hardness. In addition, similar to natural quartz, this colorful quartz gemstone is said to have similar calming effect, and it can also express a feeling of mystery, intuition, balance and structure.

Manoj: So, in what ways this gemstone is unique from other quartz gemstones?

Kartik: This beautiful gemstone displays unique dual tone colors you won’t find elsewhere. It showcases a captivating spectrum of color, ranging from deep purple to electric pink. It is available in a variety of cuts and shapes such as ovals, cushion, hearts, rounds and pears.

The gemstone seems tailor-made for lovers of kunzite, amethyst, and tanzanite. This sparkling jewel evokes an aura of mystery with its deep purple tones, while gentle pinks radiate through the gem, welcoming you closer.

Thank you for your time, Kartik! Learn more about Midnight Fuchsia Quartz and discover an entire range of amazing triplet gemstones, exclusive to Shop LC.

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