Diamonds are considered the best choice for an engagement ring. However, a storm of diamond alternatives are challenging popular choices. What are these colored gemstone disruptors?

Radiant hues and fabulous cuts make colored gems a serious contender to the traditional engagement ring. Precious gems like ruby, emerald, and sapphire hold a significant place and are an attractive alternative.

There is no rule book for the choice of gemstone for an engagement ring. What is important is being in love with your ring! Let’s take a sneak peek into our favorite diamond alternatives.



Blue sapphire halo ring in platinum.
RHAPSODY sapphire halo ring.

Once known as the Stone of Heaven, sapphire is loved for its radiant color. To our fascination, sapphire is found in a rainbow of colors! The popularity of fancy colors has obtained its place in the public eye. This beautiful gemstone also surprises by its pleochroic nature. Some specimens, when viewed under different lights, show different colors. It is also an extremely durable gemstone, great for daily wear. It’s a perfect gemstone to consider for your engagement ring.


18K yellow gold emerald ring.
ILIANA emerald halo ring.

Defined by its perfect green color, emerald has left the world with awe. One of the four precious gemstones, emerald makes an excellent choice for an engagement ring. This beautiful gem showcases green to greenish-blue in hue with a brilliant saturation. Preferably they retain a medium to medium-dark hue. Can you guess the popular cut for this gemstone? If you said “emerald cut,” you are right! This stone makes a perfect diamond alternative with its beauty and wearability.  


Platinum aquamarine ring in platinum.
RHAPSODY aquamarine double halo ring.

One of the most admired beryl stones, this gorgeous gem is loved for its oceanic green-blue tones. Aquamarine value is determined by its tone rather than its hue and saturation. When you are looking for some tint of color, aquamarine never fails to impress. Its pure and darker blues are something to behold. Considered as one of the gifted gemstones, choose it to bring happiness. A durable choice for your unique piece of jewelry, aquamarine is sure to impress!


10K yellow gold amethyst solitaire ring.
LUXORO amethyst solitaire ring.

Loved for its color, ranging from lilac pink to intense purple, amethyst is a magical gemstone. You will be mesmerized to see the beauty of the universe showcased by this gem. One of the most desired gemstones on the market today, you will be amazed by the color variation possessed by each variety. With good toughness, amethyst is a durable gemstone to wear as a ring. The durability makes it more desirable. Although found at multiple locations around the world, the rarity of this gem relies on its color. So, this evergreen gemstone is undoubtedly a wise choice to stand out!


Peach morganite ring in 18K rose gold.
ILIANA morganite marquis ring.

Exceedingly cherished by collectors, periodic mining means that morganite is not commonly spotted in many jewelry collections. Those who have carried this variety of beryl are swiftly impressed by its unique pink to peach color, rare among other varieties of beryl gemstones. A sincere stone of romance, morganite is prized for its soft feminine color palette and its connection with love and relationships. It is one of the most significant stones one can present to a lover or partner. It is perfect for your engagement ring.


Tanzanite ring with diamond accents in platinum.
RHAPSODY tanzanite ring.

Think back as you investigate the atypical bluish crystal in your hands. This tanzanite gemstone is one of the rarest stones in the world, only unearthed by coincidence. Its attractive colors turn from blue to violet as you turn the stone in the light. Many call it the ‘Gemstone of a Generation,’ or the ‘Gemstone of the 20th Century,’ and for a good reason. Tanzanite is only discovered in one place, the Merelani Foothills of Tanzania, and is said to be over one thousand times scarcer than diamond. Do you need any other reason to choose it?


Burmese ring in platinum.
RHAPSODY Burmese Ruby ring.

Ruby is blazing in the gemstone world. This red corundum stands apart from other jewelry due to its intrinsic beauty. Ruby is known as ratnaraj in Sanskrit, meaning “the king of gems.” Not surprisingly, ruby symbolism and folklore is linked with power, prosperity, and protection. Red is the predominant color when considering this gem. Within this range of red color, you will find rubies with fluctuating secondary tones. They range from pink, purple, orange, and brown. Ruby is one of the finest stones to consider an engagement ring.


14K yellow gold chrome diopside three stone ring.

Just like the lush green vegetation in the garden comes chrome diopside, an symbol of a new start on life and optimistic energy. This gorgeous gemstone is renowned for its rich green color, vitreous luster, and a high clarity rarely seen in other green gems. Originated from the Greek word di implying “two,” and opsis, suggesting “vision,” chrome diopside is a chromium-laden type of diopside. This alluring beauty has flourished in popularity since 1988 due to its remarkable likeness to emerald and tsavorite garnet.

Which of these diamond alternatives has made to your list? Share in the comments below!

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