Like a Smoky Sunrise and Salmon from a Mountain Stream

Oregon Peach Opal is an All-American gemstone brought to Shop LC by Outlaw Rocks. As its name suggests, this pastel gem only occurs in one place, the Pacific Northwest! Like freshly scooped sorbet, peach opal typically shows a dainty yellowish-pink. However, even within this rare gem, there are unique variations to be discovered. It is the pleasure of Shop LC to share these with you!

Peach opal pendant with halo of Welo opals in sterling silver.

Classic Oregon Peach Opal.

Premium Oregon Peach Opal

The seam of peach opal twists through the earth at the Pink Lady Mine. It blends with lighter material. As a result, this creates the delightful peachy color we love! Occasionally, this material forms apart.

Oregon Peach Opal ring in 10K rose gold vermeil.

Premium Oregon Peach Opal.

When this occurs, something special happens. You see, it develops into an intensely saturated material that we call Premium Oregon Peach Opal. As a result, it instantly stands apart with a deeply intense salmon hue.

Oregon Sunrise Peach Opal

There is something special about an Oregon sunrise. Tucked into the mountains, beams of light cut through thick ropes of cloud cover. Every so often, as they prepare for a day’s worth of mining, Outlaw Rocks shares a beautiful photo of these gorgeous moments with Shop LC. Are we jealous? Definitely! Can you imagine these natural surroundings as your office?

A smoky sunrise in Southwester Oregon.

Photo courtesy of Outlaw Rocks.

Evoking this majestic view is Oregon Sunrise Peach Opal. As this variety of gem forms, it develops layers of color. These alternate between light and dark. Just like the Oregon sunrise which inspires it, this jewel shows striations of rich coral color bursting from layers of soft cream.

Oregon Sunrise Peach Opal ring in sterling silver with gold accents.

Oregon Sunrise Peach Opal.

Oregon Peach Opal only occurs in limited supply. And, these two opal varieties are even rarer. Shop the full collection of Oregon Peach Opal jewelry from Shop LC.

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