When most people think about the colors of sapphire, they think of blue. That is indeed true. However, not all sapphires are blue! Sapphire comes in almost all colors of the rainbow. From blue to violet, purple, green, yellow, orange, and pink. Wow, isn’t that amazing? Still, the darker hue of blue is most popular. Moreover, the rarest of all is a mix of orange and pink.

This September birthstone is a variety of mineral corundum. Some of us confuse red ruby as a type of sapphire. That is not true though. Ruby is the red variety of corundum.


By now, you must have a fair idea of what a sapphire is. Moreover, you know how it is different from ruby. Now let’s talk about the different colors of sapphire. You will be surprised to learn how many there are!


It is one of the rarest sapphires in the jewelry world. These stones are mostly to be found in Myanmar. It has an intense blue color with a violet hint. They have a slight resemblance with Kashmir sapphire and Ceylon sapphire.

LUXORO AAA Blue Sapphire and Diamond Band Ring in 10K White Gold

You will be delighted to know what Shop LC has in its collection! It’s a Burmese blue sapphire ring. This ring is presented in a delightful band style. It certainly will add a touch of femininity to your style!


It is one of the most desired and valued colors of sapphire. This variety is even rarer than some types of blue sapphire. It is the most stunning pink gemstone around. Pink is a color of romance. 

Ilakaka Hot Pink Sapphire and Zircon Earrings in Vermeil Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver

You are sure to be mesmerized by this gorgeous pair of earrings. It is forged in sterling silver with zircon embellishments. This pair is perfect for any kinds of parties. Put on a gorgeous golden dress, and you are ready to slay with your vibes!


If you are looking for a sparkling sun-like gemstone then this color of sapphire is for you. Moreover, this brilliant stone displays a range of hues from bright, sunny yellow to subtle, bubbly champagne.

Yellow Sapphire Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

This luxurious ring has yellow sapphires placed in a strategically eye pleasing way. This ring is sure to brighten up your look. Adorn your finger with this beautiful ring.


It is a brown variety of sapphire. Among colors of sapphire it is not very common. The majority of corundum stones are either treated or enhanced in some way. Whereas chocolate sapphire is special as it has undergone no special treatments.

Chocolate Sapphire and Multi Gemstone Pendant Necklace 20 Inches in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

This pendant necklace will leave everyone spellbound with its beauty. This necklace exhibits a warm cocoa shade of natural chocolate sapphire. It’s beautifully set in platinum plated over sterling silver.


Masaola sapphires have a royal blue appearance. This sapphire is a great choice for any lover of blue jewels. If you are looking for an affordable sapphire Then this is a great option for you. This vibrant enchanting blue is a great choice for those who adore this quintessential blue gem.

Masoala Sapphire and Cambodian Blue Zircon Earrings in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

This gorgeous and glowing pair of Masaola sapphire earrings will bring out the inner diva in you. This color of sapphire is beautifully set with Cambodian blue zircons. The blue zircons are set in a pendulum-like design. The unique design of these earrings will make your presence appealing. You are sure to get compliments!


If you are a fan of velvety shades of sapphire then you’re in for good news. This color of sapphire is just for you! Purple sapphire is a very rare variety of sapphire. It is found in very small granule-like structure.

ILIANA 18K Rose Gold AAA Purple Sapphire, Diamond (G-H, SI) Ring

This purple sapphire diamond ring is a signature of royalty. The stunning ring is crafted in 18K rose gold. The head of the ring is fixed with a teardrop shape of purple sapphire. The shank has a 100% natural diamond set on it, making it look even more pleasing.


The deep inky blue color of Kanchanaburi sapphire is captivating. These sapphires are among the best of the translucent blues. And they possess a heavy saturation of inky navy. It is known for its intense color zoning and outlines being darker in tone.

Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Are you looking for a get-together? Has a gorgeous bracelet been on your mind? Then this tennis bracelet is for you. This sparkling bracelet will go perfectly well with all your outfits. The dazzling row of the gemstone is beautifully crafted in platinum over sterling silver. Flaunt yourself with this sparkling bracelet!


As its name suggests this color of sapphire has a beautiful tone of a dusky sky. Making it look appealing, it captures the magic of twilight in a gemstone. It is primarily orange in color but a varying amount of red can be seen through a sunset sapphire.

ILIANA AAA Sunset Sapphire and Diamond G-H SI Ring in 18K White Gold

This elegant halo ring is crowned with a faceted oval stone. The encircling of diamonds around the stone further enhances its charm. It is plated in platinum over sterling silver. This spark is sure to bring a sense of peace within you! You will adore this beauty all your life.


These stones are primarily known for their bluish-green. Montana sapphires frequently possess a mint shade. Pastel color hue often occurs in this stone which is uncommon in any other sapphire.

Montana Sapphire Pendant Necklace 20 Inches in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

This exotic pendant necklace is enough to make your time pleasant at any hour. Forged in sterling silver, its subtle beauty is enough to make you a diva of your social circle. Embrace life with this beauty!

Discover all the amazing colors of sapphire today!

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