What do you think about peach cobbler? Are you an avid fan? We all know that the taste of this dish depends on the recipe, the way of cooking and how it looks. It might be just a matter of taste, as some like the dish sweet, and others prefer it gooey. Plus, the peach cobbler recipe is simple as well as old, and has undergone lots of changes since it was first introduced during the early American Colonial Period. Read this blog and learn about some simple recipes to cook the perfect summer treat!

April 13th is Peach Cobbler Day. Some attribute this to the Georgia Peach Council, saying that the holiday was drummed up to generate sales of Georgia peaches. Not a bad idea, what do you think? Let’s dive in a bit further and examine the dish worthy of its own day.

Why Do We Call it “Cobbler?”

The use of “cobbler” to talk about this delicious fruit dish goes back to at least the mid-19th century in American English. Some link this to an earlier meaning of cobbler, meaning “wooden bowl or dish.” This connection is disputed, and no one currently knows for sure.

A popular story tells us that during early British rule of Colonial America, settlers did not have the ingredients available for making proper suet puddings. So, to instead make due, enterprising early Americans instead blended the ingredients together to create this delicious dish! Whether that’s what happened or not is still up for debate.

Choosing a Good Peach

Pile of succulent peaches at the farmer's market.

Peach is an ideal summer fruit for cobbler, and is perhaps the most popular choice. In its prime, the fruit brings a satisfying sweetness and texture to the dish. It creates a dessert with that perfect balance of sweet and juicy softness. Other than being tasty, the peach is also said to be associated with lots of benefits – so much so that in China the peach signifies immortality and longevity. We can’t guarantee that peach cobbler will do the same for you, though! Try these tips for picking the perfect peach.

  • Choosing a good peach for cobbler is essential, as it will truly make or break your dessert. Fresh peaches will show a bright and vibrant color. Avoid peaches if they’re still showing signs of green. Those aren’t ready.
  • A ripe peach will also have a nice fragrance, tempting you to bite into it then and there! Be sure to get an extra one for the trip home. You might need the snack!
  • Try softly squeezing your peach. Peaches sweeten as they ripen, and you’ll want nice, sweet peaches for your cobbler. As you squeeze the peach, it’ll start to give a bit from where it was picked at the stem, showing you that it’s ready to eat. Just avoid fruit that feels solid. It’s not ready at all.

Ways to Serve Peach Cobbler

Piping hot and freshly made peach cobbler. Yum!

Peach cobbler offers a delicious way to finish off your summertime meal and is an American tradition. Sliced fresh peaches, cooking in butter and spices, often conjures up cherished childhood memories. What’s great about this simple dish is that there’s an approach for every skill level. So, without wasting time, let’s check out different ways of baking a juicy, golden-brown-and-crispy peach cobbler.

  • Quick and Easy Peach Cobbler: This recipe is perfect for the novice baker, or anyone that needs to whip up a dessert, fast!
  • The Not-so-Secret Recipe: A reader shared this peach cobbler recipe with the Taste of Home blog, and it is perfect for anyone wishing to create that authentic home-cooked feeling.
  • Whiskey Peach Cobbler: If you’re ready to try something a little different, this peach cobbler dish might just be it! Whiskey infuses this dish with an extra sweetness and flavor stemming from its special distillation process.

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Before trying any recipe, make sure you have all your kitchen essentials.

The real remaining question here is whether or not to include a heaping scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream? What is your preference? Tell us in the comments below!

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