‘Tis the season to get merry and crafty! Burlap décor has become really popular and we have Pinterest to thank for that.  Instead of buying a premade wreath from the store, follow these simple instructions to make your own burlap wreath! We were able to make this festive burlap wreath for less than $15! And once you get the hang of the fluffing part, it won’t take you long to complete this DIY. Let’s get started!

What you will need:
1 Wreath Frame
1-3 packages of 5½ -inch burlap
5-10 paperclips (optional)


Gather your materials to build your burlap wreath.
You can find all of these items at your local craft store. Many of these items are priced even lower because craft stores like to have sales during the holiday season (score!).


Choose whatever size wreath frame fits your needs. The wreath we used has an 18-inch diameter. The bigger the wreath, the more burlap you will need. We used three alternating colors, but all together it was about 40 feet of 5½ -inch wide burlap.


We used the paperclips to secure some of the loose sections, but if you are good at tucking the burlap and making it stay there, you won’t need paperclips.



Once you have all of your supplies, roll or gather the end of a burlap strip. We started with the brown burlap. Weave it through the wires of the wreath base to start your wreath. As we said before, you can use the paper clips to fasten it more securely, or you can tuck it tightly between the frame.


Weave the burlap through the slats of the wreath.


Next, you’re going to pull a burlap strip through the wreath slats. Now you can fluff the loop to the size you want the wreath to be. Make it big or keep it conservative. It’s all up to you!


Pull the burlap through to puff up your wreath.


Tip: Slide the loops firmly together. This will make space for more puffiness!


Pull the next loop through the next slate over. Now you can repeat going back and forth until you completely covered the wire frame!


Slide the loops together to build up your burlap wreath.


For alternating colors, just cut the burlap once you have completed a section and repeat the process with a different color.


Experiment with different patterns or colors when crafting your burlap wreath!


You thought that would be harder, didn’t you!? Now that you’ve got the hang of it, you can make one for yourself and make more as gifts to friends and family. Add decorations like Christmas greenery or your last name initial to really personalize it! A burlap wreath is a blank canvas, waiting for your touch!


Show us your finished wreathes on Facebook!


Share photos of your completed burlap wreath with us on Facebook or in the comment section below!
Want even more DIY ideas? Check out LC DIY, where you make your very own handmade jewelry. Happiness is Handmade!

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