If there’s anything we know about the latest trends and fashion waves, it’s that layering is crucial to being a true fashionista. From apparel to jewelry, knowing how to layer your favorite wardrobe essentials is the key to mastering a polished and well put-together look. Today we’re going to show you a super easy way to create the perfect collection of stacked bracelets!

As you can see, you’re only THREE steps away from having the perfect assortment of arm candy.

Step One: Grab a foundation piece.
Step Two: Grab a few textured pieces.
Step Three: Finish the stack with a few complementary pieces.


DIY: Stacked Bracelets - Simulated Purple Sapphire Bangle

Don’t be afraid to venture out. If you need more bracelets to diversify your arm candy, make sure to check out our abundant collection. And if you check out our Rising Auctions, you can snag a lot of these pieces for under $10!

Show Us Your Stacked Bracelets!

We want to see your stack of bracelets. Get creative and show us your personal style by sharing photos of your arm candy. Use the hashtag #LCSTYLE on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!


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