Valentine’s Day is an excellent time to have fun whether you’re single or not. This day gives you an opportunity to rejoice in the love you have for everyone around you, not just your better half! Whether it’s staying-in and binging Netflix or planning a lavish dinner, it’s always an excellent idea to send your best friends a card. Few things are better than to make your own Valentine’s card when saying “I love you,” that also gently pokes fun at your friend. Consider one of these Valentine’s Day crafts when you need a thoughtful card.


Friendship Pop-Up Card

Surprise your best friend with a delightful pop-up card that proclaims “True friends are like stars; you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there,” and let them know how much you care.


Friendship Magic Card

Cherish the bonds of friendship by making a magic card that artistically says, “Best Friends Forever.” Bright colors will add fun and will make this gesture a lasting memory that your BFF will love.


Bear and Bunny Friendship Card

Poke fun at your friend while letting them know how much you love them by making this cute card. A cute bear and bunny card makes an excellent gift this Valentine’s Day.


Special Friendship Card

When you need to make your friend feel special, nothing is better than a cute card that says, “You may not be the only friend I have, but you are the only friend I need….” Celebrate your friendship this Valentine’s Day with the most special people in your life.


Fun Ice Cream Card

Enjoy your friendship with your bestie by gifting him a cute and fun ice cream card. Say whatever you want to, as it’s an excellent way to cherish your moments together.


Have you ever created a hand-made Valentine’s Day crafts? Let us know in the comments!

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