Whether you like to keep the corks from your wine due to sentimental value or just because you like to collect things, finding room for them can get tiresome after a while. You want people to see your impressive collection, but you also don’t want wine corks strewn all over your home. With this fun and simple DIY, we’ll help you create a unique way to store and display all of those wine corks you’ve worked so hard to collect (okay, maybe you didn’t have to work that hard to accumulate them). Let’s get started!

What you will need:

1 Shadowbox

Glass paints in the colors of your choosing

Small paintbrush

Desired design

Materials Needed

All of these materials can be found at your local craft store. For this project, we used an 11×14 shadow box that opens in the front. There are several other sizes, designs and colors to choose from, so feel free to change it up. Some shadow boxes open at the top instead of the front, making it easier to add corks over time. Choose the one that suits your needs and style.

As far as the glass paint, there are dozens of colors (including metallic tones) to choose from at your local craft store. Choose colors that will complement the décor you already own. For this project, we used white and gold.

When deciding on a design, you can choose a stencil, create your own or find a pre-made design from the Internet and print it out. With elegant calligraphy, pretty designs and clipart, the options are endless. We decided to go with this one! Feel free to print it and use it for yourself.Wine cork holder text

Before beginning the painting process, wipe down the shadow box. You want to make sure there’s no dirt or dust before you apply the paint.Taped Design

If you are using a stencil:

Place the stencil on top of the glass and tape it in place. Using your desired colors, paint over the stencil. Let it dry and apply a second coat. Take off the stencil to admire your work.

Front of taped designIf you are using a design you printed out:

Place the design on the inside of the glass facing you. Tape it in place, so it doesn’t move. Trace the design with the colors of your choosing. This method takes a little more skill than the stencil, but the possibilities are endless.

Tracing designOnce your paint has dried, your DIY project is finished! You can hang the cork holder up for wall décor, or place it on a surface near the kitchen or bar. If you’re looking for more ways to embellish your home, check out our LC@Home Show this Thursday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. CT. The Liquidation Channel will feature various home products and décor, so you won’t want to miss it!


*Look for a post later this month that will discuss several fun and unique projects you can do with all of the corks you collect!

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