Hundreds of the same high-quality Shop LC products you love at just a fraction of the cost – sound familiar? If you’ve been keeping up with Shop LC’s live TV show or website, you may already know about this deal. If not, your whole world may be about to change. 

Shop LC is proud to bring you our Under $10 Sale. Yes, you read that right. Go ahead and reread if you just can’t believe your eyes. A huge array of our products will really be selling for under $10! 

I know what you’re thinking. “This is too good to be true. There’s no way Shop LC can really sell beautiful jewelry, intricately crafted home décor items, and designer clothing and accessories all for under $10!” Well, that’s just what we’re doing. Shop LC isn’t just another retailer. You won’t find deals like this anywhere else. 

We know that shopping for several items at a time can really add up. Even though it’s gratifying, we normally have to stop ourselves, so we don’t put too large a dent in our wallets! With this in mind, Shop LC planned this deal. That’s why we’re so excited about it! You’ll be able to save big during your next shopping spree. 

To get you started this Friday, take a look at three of our favorite products under $10! 


A set of a pearl necklace and bracelet for under $10; this is the sort of thing we’ll be bringing you with this sale. For just $9.99, you’ll get a matching freshwater pearl set. These are the perfect summer accessory, so pick them up fast! You’ll be obsessed with their peachy pink color. 


For just $9.99, you’re getting genuine leather. This wallet has a classic simple design that the man in your life will love. It makes for a great gift that he’ll start using every day! It even has built-in RFID protection, meaning your sensitive cards will be safe from hacking and compromise. 


Shop LC is proud to present you with high-quality items from the charming Lulu Dharma collection. This ring in particular is a must-have. It’s minimalist, yet unique, and will go well with all your favorite outfits. With this purchase, you’ll be getting crystal quartz and a goldtone band for just $5.99! 

No catch, no hidden fees. This is a deal you won’t want to miss out on. Use this sales event to get gift shopping out of the way with no worries of overspending. Buy that jewelry piece you’ve had your eye on. Redecorate the house. Stock up on household gadgets, even beauty supplies. The possibilities are endless. All you need to do is get out there, browse our selection, and save! 

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