They’re here! That’s right, the holidays have officially kicked off, and it’s time to shop for some amazing doorbusters. If you’re after some stunning Christmas gift ideas for the jewelry lover in your life, then look no further. Shop LC is curating some great, limited time deals on jewelry for every taste.


There’s a reason diamond jewelry endures. Beautiful and timeless, it is one of the most recognizable symbols of devotion, love, and fidelity. With that said, there are plenty of Christmas ideas to consider with diamonds. Do you choose the classic silhouette of a solitaire ring? Or perhaps some cheerful fancy diamonds? There are even breathtaking shapes with polki diamonds.


Diamond ring set in 10K white gold.

Nothing exudes confidence and class like a matched diamond ring set. Crafted in precious 10K white gold, this ring set includes one diamond solitaire ring and one diamond band ring. These graded diamonds are meant to be shown off! Wear them separate, or stack them for extra bling. This versatile pair of rings is a great gift that is sure to get tons of wear.


Polki diamond ring in sterling silver.

Polki diamonds are beautiful natural diamonds that don’t undergo traditional faceting. Mostly taken ‘as-is,’ these stones are wrapped in precious metals to let their natural color shine! This traditional Indian jewelry staple captures this allure in an elegant polki diamond ring. No two polki diamonds are alike, which means they’re one of the most unique Christmas gift ideas!


Champagne diamond men's ring in sterling silver.

A carefully chose diamond men’s ring is something that he will treasure and wear for years. That’s why we love this champagne diamond men’s ring. The generous plane at the head of the ring houses a charming selection of champagne diamonds, channel set to maximize their color and brilliance. Also, find this ring available in yellow, blue, and white diamonds.


We might be needing to bundle up for winter, but, even so, you can keep it classy! These Christmas present ideas are perfect for the extra color they add, their versatility, and their wearability. After all, we prize colored gemstones for their unique beauty, rarity, and ability to be worn. Each of these Christmas ideas is a stunning option they will love!


Aquamarine stud earrings in 14K white gold.

We prize aquamarine for its deep sea-like color, and these aquamarine stud earrings are a perfect example! Symbolic of tranquility, clarity, and harmony, the gorgeous color of these gems is set off through careful prong setting. Octagon-shaped stones create a look that is timeless and classy, but also great for casual wear!


Colorful diamond stud earrings.

Fancy diamonds might be the best-kept secret about diamonds! As seen in these multi-color diamond earrings, an entire rainbow of color can be seen. Like a kaleidoscope, these stud earrings create a compelling draw, sparkling with a range diamond color most never have the opportunity to enjoy. Add them to your Christmas present ideas today!


Andalusite stud earrings in 10K yellow gold.

The pleochroic nature of andalusite lends a distinct, color-shifting look as the stones turn in the light. These andalusite stud earrings capture this quality perfectly! The warm tones of 10K yellow gold help highlight this captivating quality. From a dusty rose to a warm sunset, the color potential of this stone is simply breathtaking.


No list of Christmas gift ideas is complete without a smattering of arm candy! The following bracelets offer a touch of color that we welcome any time. Bracelets are a great option for those who find rings uncomfortable to wear, but still want to accent their hands. Just consider any of these breathtaking bracelets for great Christmas present ideas.


Citrine bracelet in sterling silver.

Santa Ana Madeira Citrine is one of the most luxurious varieties of this November birthstone. And, Shop LC designers are taking things to the next level with this citrine bracelet! These gorgeous burning gems are paired with rosy rhodolite jewels to create a sophisticated setting sun that you can wear on your wrist. Zircon accents add extra sparkle like the first night stars!


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise bracelet.

The rare beauty of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is growing scarcer by the day. No longer readily, available, now is the time to secure her very own turquoise bracelet. The beauty of these evenly colored gems is marvelous, as few turquoise possess this unblemished level of quality. Arranged in a traditional line bracelet, this is a piece worthy of passing down one day.


Polki diamond bracelet.

Diamonds always remain within reach when choosing this delightful polki diamond bracelet. Bezel-set polki diamonds are artfully arranged in this line bracelet. Even though every stone is unique, skilled artisans have carefully selected stones in each bracelet to provide a sense of continuity with each piece. It’s the perfect reminder of unblemished natural beauty.


Make her feel spoiled and pampered with a thoughtfully chosen gemstone necklace. Featuring a selection of rare and beautiful gems, these jewelry doorbusters are unlike any you have seen. Discover star-born moissanite, sparkling strontium titanate, and more!


Gold moissanite necklace.

A new kid on the block in the world of diamond simulants, we think that moissanite is gorgeous enough to appreciate in its own right! Originally discovered at the site of a meteor impact, today moissanite is perfected under controlled conditions. This moissanite necklace features a trio of these glittering gems, representing your past, present, and future together.


An older diamond simulant, strontium titanate occurs in a surprising range of color! This strontium titanate necklace captures the orangey yellow hues of fresh fall leaves. Draped around her, this pendant rests gently against her neckline. If you’re looking for Christmas ideas to make her feel special, then look no further!


ant in sterling silver.

Meteorites have a long association with the heavens, and this star metal has been revered for centuries. Help him make a statement with this meteorite pendant. This bold pendant showcases the subtle etchings found in genuine meteorites, creating a jewelry piece that’s as unique as him!

For more Christmas gift ideas, shop these web exclusive doorbusters!

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