What is Boho Chic?

Boho chic fashion is a style that draws from various bohemian and hippie influences. This style is also heavily associated with celebrities like Gwen Stefani or Kate Moss. If you’re not sure how to achieve this fun and chic style, look no further because we are here to help! Many people are hesitant to try the boho chic style, but you can look like a boho pro with the right mix of accessories. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to help you get started with this summer trend.

DON’T  wear outfits that are bigger than your frame.

Although this trend calls for layering, too many long layers will make you look swallowed up and it draws attention away from your face.

DO  use a cute belt to take care of a shapeless dress or top. 

Accessories are here for the rescue yet again! A beaded belt like this one can easily give you shape if your tunic is a little too oversized.


DON’T  go too crazy on color combinations.

DO  use earth tones.

A key element to pulling off bohemian fashion is the colors. Typical boho colors are earthy tones like black, brown, cream white, khaki and olive green. These rich, warm colors look great with splashes of magenta, orange and dark red.


DON’T  mistake boho chic for a sloppy outfit.

DO  mix oversized pieces with tailored and fitted clothes.

The biggest mistake women make when attempting this style is going overboard with baggy layers. There is a fine line between looking stylishly casual and just throwing on a bunch of shapeless clothes. A good example of the right amount of bagginess is pairing an oversized tunic or shirt with some skinny jeans.

DO  accessorize your outfits with jewelry that supports the boho style. 

Exotic necklaces or bracelets are very appropriate with this style because every corner of the world influences bohemian fashion. Layering these kind of accessories add richness and texture to your look.

DON’T  feel like you have to stop at jewelry. 
Express your sense of style with accessories because the devil is in the details! You can instantly transform your favorite pair of jeans and a white tunic shirt into a boho outfit by sporting a brown leather hobo bag or a colorful scarf. Headbands, hair clips, barrettes, hats and belts can all be added for that boho style you are searching for.

Don’t limit yourself by following everyone else!

Remember that this is only a guide so be sure to personalize every boho outfit to make it more you! Here is an example of a boho chic outfit for practically any occasion.


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