The dragonfly fascinates us everywhere it is known. Many civilizations have established a special meaning with this winged insect. Dragonfly lore has grown from the myths around it and their cousins, the damselfly. The legend that dragonflies were once dragons is the source of the word ‘dragonfly.’ Odonata, the family name for the dragonfly, is from the Greek word for tooth, as this insect was once believed to have teeth.

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What is Dragonfly Symbolism?

Maturity and Character

In many parts of the world, a dragonfly symbolizes a change in self-realization. This change has its roots in spiritual maturity and understanding the greater meaning of life.

The relationship between dragonflies and water is important. A dragonfly flying over water means looking past the surface and seeing a connection to all aspects of life.

Power and Poise

The skill of this insect to move in all directions displays a sense of grace and power, something that comes with experience.

It can fly quickly in any direction. This happens with simplicity, efficiency, and strength when compared to other insects. The fantastic thing is that a dragonfly does it with the grace and elegance of a ballet dancer!

Illusion and Realization

The dragonfly displays iridescence on its wings and body. This radiance shows a rainbow of color depending on the angle of the light.

This is believed to represent illusions we make while looking for the truths of life. Iridescence also means finding one’s capabilities by showing the true self and removing the worries we put on ourselves. It means self-discovery and removing shyness.

Living in the Moment

A dragonfly lives most of its life in earlier stages of development. It flies for only a small part of its life. A grown dragonfly lives life to its fullest!

This means being in the moment and enjoying life to its fullest. Living in the now makes you aware of who you are, what are you doing, where you are, what you want, and making good decisions, moment to moment. Live life without regrets like the amazing dragonfly!

Opening Our Eyes

The most amazing sight on a dragonfly might be its eyes. Almost 80-percent of its brain power is related to sight.

It can see 360-degrees, which depicts the skill to see beyond the normal boundaries of the human self. It also means a persons ability to see outside our own perspectives.

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Cultural Dragonfly Meaning

For centuries many cultures treasure the dragonfly as a spirit animal. For them, it means light and change. While its life begins in water before going to the sky, you can imagine how you can change and evolve yourself.
People around the world consider the dragonfly a necessary totem.

Japan: A dragonfly symbolizes the summer and fall. The samurai considered it a symbol of agility, power, and victory.
China: It is a spiritual totem in China. It means harmony, prosperity, and is a good luck charm.
Native Americans: Among many tribes, it is the sign of speed, purity, and happiness. It is also a symbol of activity and speed. For the Navajo, the dragonfly symbolizes pure water.
Sweden: Traditional folklore states that dragonflies fly around the neck to measure the value of our souls.
Vietnam: Dragonflies predict the weather, especially rain. If it flies low, it is rainy, if it flies high, it will be sunny. If they fly at a central level, it will be overcast.

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