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Easy Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Posture

Woman massaging sore neck.

Your posture can be something you regularly forget about – but it’s far more important than we may think. Good posture can have positive affects on your balance, increase your flexibility, prevent aches and pains and even help you breathe better! This guide from ScripHessco walks you through the importance of good posture, how to spot poor posture, and advice on how to improve your posture while, sleeping, sitting, standing, etc. It will also show you exercises you can do and tools that can be used to help improve your posture.

Having good posture is important for more than looking confident. It is one of the most common contributors to back problems, which 80% of Americans will experience at least once in their lifetime. Your posture doesn’t have to be completely terrible for it to affect your back either; even leaning forward in your office chair at an angle of 30 degrees can cause 3 to 4 times more stress on your back. Luckily, bad posture is easily fixable if you are consistently mindful. It’s important to learn how to have proper posture so that you can minimize or eliminate back pain, whether you are sitting, sleeping, or standing.

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