Jewelry is a must-have for any fashionable look and remains a staple accessory. What is classic about jewelry is that it constantly surprises you by its versatility and variety of form. Gemstones play a crucial role in creating a unique aura with any piece of jewelry.

While diamonds have a significant position among precious stones, today, colored gemstones are emerging as the new language of fashion. They are on-trend making a glamorous appearance on runways and red carpets.

Closeup of woman wearing red lipstick posing with emerald and gold earrings and necklace

One of the most comforting and calming colors to a human eye is green. And when we say green, precious emerald is a perfect fit with its classic color. Being one of the most coveted precious stones around the world, emerald’s grace and attraction make it apt for royalty and celebrities. But what makes this gemstone so popular among us all?

Why Do We Love Emerald?

The lush green of emerald calms souls while thrilling imaginations since antiquity. Described as the “nothing greens greener” by Rome’s Pliny the Elder in the Natural History, he believed nothing can be as comforting as emerald. Queen Cleopatra was in love with the emerald, and most of her royal jewelry was features outstanding emerald gems. Today, there are many other reasons why emeralds are appreciated.

Trendy Gemstone for Trendy Jewelry

The presence of green has been intensifying in the fashion industry and couture market. Emeralds, with their exemplary grace, makes for a striking and enticing addition to fine jewelry pieces. Balanced and elegant, the sought-after gem perfectly complements all colors in the spectrum and is an excellent choice to make a statement beyond summer and spring, and into fall and winter.

Emerald cluster ring with silver band

A pair of floral drop earrings depicting the beauty of nature, a cluster ring crafted with fine stones in the best cut, size, and color, or a bracelet gleaming in yellow gold, stand high when embellished with nature’s beautiful miracle, emerald.

A Great Choice for Everyone

Every woman has a unique choice, particularly in jewelry. For some, minimal jewelry is everything while for some a piece of jewelry that’s detailed, big and filled with color works. Meanwhile, some choose jewelry that goes well with their skin tone. Well, emerald jewelry is the perfect solution for all these different needs. Whether you’re fair skinned or dark skinned, emerald jewelry is an ideal complement. Its lively color offers a perfect dose of dazzle to any look and looks elegant in every style of jewelry.

A Daring Bold Color

Emerald is a name that not only represents a gemstone but a color too. Emerald possesses a beautiful green color that’s a wardrobe favorite. It offers the perfect opportunity to play with other colors that are permanent roommates in every closet, such as red, blue, white, black and purple. The daring and bold color of emerald is a perfect add-on.

Closeup of woman with emerald ring and emerald bracelet

The Next In-Trend Engagement Ring

There is no debate among fashion enthusiasts. Colored gemstones are gaining popularity, causing the diamond to slip and making an emerald engagement ring the next in-trend thing. There is no second thought about it. Emerald has continued to show up in the engagement rings of celebrities. Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring was decorated with a gorgeous emerald along with a diamond. Halle Berry’s emerald engagement ring is one of a kind. Zoe Saldana’s unique pear-shaped emerald engagement ring is exceptional.

Value of Emerald

As the charm of colored gemstones is growing, the craze for emerald is growing exponentially. Auction houses are noticing an increasing demand for emerald. As consumers become aware of the value of natural stones, the sale of natural emerald is soaring. As this gorgeous gemstone makes its presence on red-carpets, runways and even in the high-end jewelry such as engagement rings, the worth of this gemstone is likely to increase over time.

Why is Green Emerald Special?

Emerald is a gorgeous gemstone loved for its fabulous color. However, there are other properties that make this stone special.

Emerald is a mysterious gemstone and there are few gemstones that stand on the same scale. Emerald has a rich history that takes you back to 4000 years to Babylon, the cradle of civilization, making it a famous first choice for gifting.

The gemstone represents the color of eternity, as it is a color of renewal in nature. Unlike ruby, which is an obvious statement of passion and love, emerald delivers a more complex set of emotions and symbolism.

Emerald Green on Fashion Runways

Fashion runways bring glimpses of on-going and upcoming trends. Not only is this gemstone loved for its brilliance, this daring color is everywhere. From fashion wear to footwear, accessories, and handbags, the Pantone Color Institute chose Greenery as the Color of the Year 2017, describing it as a “yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring.” According to them, the color will not only rule 2017 but will remain among the top choice in the upcoming year as well.

An emerald is one of the few gemstones that have the spark, expression, and life. Whatever is the occasion or mood, green emerald is an exception of exceptional choices.

Let us know how you style your green emerald jewelry!

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